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The Dam Links 2/18/2014

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If Sunday's loss to the Ducks depresses you, I would encourage taking a look at the relation of the two teams in the standings, which might cheer you up a bit.

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193 days until kickoff vs. Portland State...

-4 days until first pi....oh wait, I guess we can drop this one now.

Offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh, who last week was rumored to be a candidate at Oklahoma State for the same position, announced Thursday evening he would be coming back to Oregon State next fall.

ESPN put together a non-Beaver specific article about college football teams seeing student attendance at football games dropping, nearly across all universities.

Connor Letourneau of the Oregonian takes a look at Oregon State's chances to make the NIT. At 5-7 with six games left, 4-2 seems needed to make the NIT a likely outcome, plus perhaps a Pac-12 tournament game. That doesn't seem too unlikely, since four of the games are at home. A winnable road game against bottom dweller USC balances out a likely home loss to Arizona in the meantime, making a 4-2 record optimistic but not unrealistically so. Not winning half the conference games doesn't eliminate them from NIT consideration, but their non-conference was not particularly inspiring, so every win from here on out counts.

Having played in his first baseball game over the weekend, so Connor Letourneau declares that Hunter Jarmon is now the "Bo Jackson" of Oregon State.

Ten Pac-12 baseball players have been named to the watch list for the Golden Spikes Award, given to the top amateur baseball player in the country. Four of those are Beavers -- Michael Conforto, Dylan Davis, Andrew Moore, Ben Wetzler. has an official release following Monday's game.

Jay Reese had a look at Andy Peterson leading the Beavers this season.

After Oregon State's perfect weekend, the week's new polls are out. The National Collegiate Baseball Writer's Association has Oregon State as the #1 team in the country. Baseball America leaves them at #2, behind Virginia, despite the Cavaliers dropping a game to unranked Kentucky this weekend. Collegiate Baseball Newspaper leaves the Beavs at #4, and the Beavs stay #3 at Perfect Game (behind Virginia and CS Fullerton). Most of these polls were released before Monday's game against Pacific.

I also want to drop a link to my favorite college baseball scoreboard site, It provides current scores for all games, sortable by top ranked or by conference, as well as easy links to conference standings and the schedule for each team. It's supported by donations and (minimal, non-intrusive) advertising, and isn't owned by one of the big sports conglomerates, which is part of why I like it.

The Gazette Times' writeup of the womens' team's victory over USC. Oregon State's official website has a writeup as well; congratulations are in order for Sydney Wiese, who set an Oregon State's womens' record for most three point shots made in a season. The Beavers are in a three way tie for third with four games to go, and three of their last four games are with teams within a game of them in the standings. ESPN's latest women's Bracketology puts the Beavers in the field of 64 as a #11 seed in Iowa City. Scott Rueck has done some very impressive things with that team, since effectively starting the team over from scratch three years ago. If the Beavers get rid of Craig Robinson anytime soon, perhaps they should take a look across the hall first.

The Beaver wrestling team took a couple of dual matches from North Dakota State and Illinois on Monday, a day after losing a close meet to Virginia Tech. Oregon Live's Scott Nelson points out that computers like Oregon State's wrestlers a lot better than the coaches do, as far as NCAA tournament projections go.

The gymnastics team won the four team Comfort Inn invitational on Saturday, with a final score of 196.675, defeating Boise State, Utah State, and Seattle Pacific.

Oregon Live/the Oregonian is getting a new beat writer for the Beavers to replace Lindsey Schnell. She'll be on the job on March 31, and will be the Beavers' lead football writer. The new writer, Gina Mizell, used to cover a different orange and black clad OSU -- she was a beat writer for Oklahoma State for The Oklahoman.

Your unrelated short of the day is, in fact, a cute animal video. Sue me.

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