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MOY Opening Round: 2 vs. 7

It's the last poll of the opening round, folks:

Football upsets #2 Cal: The Beavers optimistically traveled down to Berkeley with the memory of a 2005 upset in the back of their helmets. With the Bears ranked #2 in the country and talks beginning to talk about National Championships, the Beavers stunned the Bears, or the Bears stunned themselves, in a roller coaster game that ended on this play:

Jay John Firing: After a 6-12 start to the season and a 0-6 mark in the Pac-10, Bob De Carolis fired Jay John on January 21. Said Bobby D:

"It was a tough decision to make, particularly since you have a good guy with a great family, a guy who truly cared about trying to turn this program around," director of athletics Bob De Carolis said, according to the Portland Tribune. "He worked his tail off trying to do that. Sometimes things just don't work out. That was the case here.

The Beavers would wind up finishing the Pac-10 schedule 0-18 with interim head coach Kevin Mouton. Later, in early April, Oregon State hired Craig Robinson to take over head coaching duties.


So what meant more to you? Oregon State upsetting the #2 team in the country? Or the dismissal of a coach who had an overall conference record of 28-68?

Vote! As always, share your thoughts in the thread if you wish. You have a week to vote.