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Ask NOT what your country can do for you, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR BEAVER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the Desk of the Fun Czar: Comrades, it is the most glorious of days/nights.

It is the dawning of a new age of Orange Enlightenment! BuildingTheDam neeeeeeeds your help, comrade.


Robinson/Wagner; Change you can believe in, comrade!

Have you seen the website,


All it needs is a picture of Craig Robinson, a little orange, maybe some black, change the slogan to Robinson '08. Boom.  Done. to via

I bet you have, you commie loving 5th place fan.  Well, anyways, you should exploit this website with your photoshop skills--IF you have them! IF, we say!

Beaver Nation needs your help--please alter these files; change the colors to Black & Orange; change the names to Robinson/Wagner. Make your work PRESIDENTIAL, and do it BEFORE they yank the website altogether on the election next Tuesday--or, at least download it before Tuesday.  Then Submit it back to Jake.  We will make sure that ALL of Beaver Nation knows of your impressive photoshop skills. 

Make it happen.  Git 'er done.  Be all the Beaver you can be!

Send your submissions back to us.  We will make sure Your Comrades in the Glorious Orange Revolution are able to receive them and distribute them in the  Great Orange Underground.

Rodgers-speed, Comrades!