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Top Twenty for 2020 - #8 Nathan Eldridge

The experienced center makes the list

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Oregon State at UCLA Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Well a decision has officially been made on college football this fall for the Pac-12. Other conferences (SEC, ACC) are trying to hold out hope; but I suspect almost all college football teams will kick the can down the road and see if they can play in the spring. Despite the uncertainty we’ll finish the second half our top-20 list.

#8 Nathan Eldridge - Center

Nathan Eldridge is a talented offensive lineman who transferred from the University of Arizona after suffering a knee injury. The 6’3”, 292 pounder missed all of the 2018 season with that knee injury. But in 2016 and 2017 as a freshman and sophomore at Arizona, Eldridge was on the the Rimington Trophy Watch List and started 25 total games.

Eldridge came to Oregon State to join his former Arizona offensive line coach Jim Michalczik in Corvallis. Michalczik is now OSU’s run game coordinator and offensive line coach. Nathan Eldridge wasn’t able to grab the starting job in 2019 as he was still recovery from his knee injury and working his way back in shape. Eldridge did play 4 games for the Beavers last year and will be asked to be a key member of their offense line in 2020.

Projected Stats:

Start every game. Minimal bad snaps.

The Full List:

8. Nathan Eldridge - C

9. Addison Gumbs - OLB

10. David Morris - S

11. Brandon Kipper - OT

12. Omar Speights - LB

13. Teagan Quitoriano - TE

14. Isaiah Dunn - CB

15. Champ Flemings - WR

16. Jaydon Grant - DB

17. Nahshon Wright - CB

18. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB

19. Rejzohn Wright - CB

20. Chance Nolan - QB