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Top Twenty for 2020 - #9 Addison Gumbs

The one man wrecking crew comes in at No. 9

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Well a decision has officially been made on college football this fall for the Pac-12. Other conferences (SEC, ACC) are trying to hold out hope; but I suspect almost all college football teams will kick the can down the road and see if they can play in the spring. Despite the uncertainty we’ll finish the second half our top-20 list.

#9 Addison Gumbs - Outside Linebacker

We are inside the top 10! Coming in at number 9 is transfer outside linebacker Addison Gumbs. The former 4 star recruit originally ended up at college football powerhouse Oklahoma where he played 4 games as a freshmen and was thought to to be lock for a starting job as a sophomore before tearing his ACL. Shortly after suffering the injury Gumbs announced that he was transferring to Oregon State to return to the west coast.

Gumbs was a defensive end at Oklahoma but shifted to the outside linebacker position in Tim Tibesar’s 3-4 scheme. Gumbs was featured a lot in the pass rush from both the OLB position and occasionally lining up as a defensive end. He was a force in Oregon State’s first two games; before unfortunately tearing is ACL again against Hawaii.

Health is a question mark for a few Oregon State defensive players and an ACL tear is not an easy one to recover from. But Gumbs is too talented to not play a big role this upcoming season. If he is able to stay on the field and take some attention off Hamilcar Rashed he may end up being one of the most important members of the OSU defense.

Projected Stats:

23 tackles... 6 sacks... 1 FF

The Full List:

9. Addison Gumbs - OLB

10. David Morris - S

11. Brandon Kipper - OT

12. Omar Speights - LB

13. Teagan Quitoriano - TE

14. Isaiah Dunn - CB

15. Champ Flemings - WR

16. Jaydon Grant - DB

17. Nahshon Wright - CB

18. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB

19. Rejzohn Wright - CB

20. Chance Nolan - QB