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Top Twenty for 2020 - #11 Brandon Kipper

The offensive lineman will play a big role in 2020.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 05 Oregon State at UCLA Photo by David Dennis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The clock is ticking for college football. We hear news everyday; UConn and DIII cancelled football for 2020. Other conferences (Big Ten, MWC) are following the led of the Pac-12 players and issuing their own requests/demands. Despite the uncertainty we press on with the top-20 list for the 2020 season.

#11 Brandon Kipper - Offensive Tackle

The former Hawaii transfer has quickly become one of the most important offensive line players for the Beavers. The Idaho native played in three games as a sophomore with OSU and 12 games last season. Kipper is largely expected to one of the tackle positions. He played right tackles last year and many are expecting him to flip sides and replace Blake Brandel on the left side. The coaching staff might prefer Kipper on the right side though and try Joshua Gray at left tackle.

As it stands now the Beavers expect Nathan Eldridge, Onesimus Clarke, Korbin Sorenson, Nous Keobounnam, Jake Levengood, Jaelen Bush and of course Brandon Kipper to play prominent roles in protecting the quarterback and opening up running lanes.

Projected Stats:

Starts every game. A bunch of pancakes.

The Full List:

11. Brandon Kipper - OT

12. Omar Speights - LB

13. Teagan Quitoriano - TE

14. Isaiah Dunn - CB

15. Champ Flemings - WR

16. Jaydon Grant - DB

17. Nahshon Wright - CB

18. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB

19. Rejzohn Wright - CB

20. Chance Nolan - QB