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You Have $15...Build Your Own Oregon State All-Time Basketball Team

Gary Payton would definitely pick himself for his own squad. Who will be on your team?

Colorado v Oregon State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For years now, people of the internet have been creating challenges where others can build their own team, using a mythical $15 to pick the players that are either the most successful, enjoyable or just who they damn like the most. It’s a fun thing that we decided to try and in the inaugural edition of “Build Your Own $15 Oregon State All-Time Basketball Team”, this is what we have to offer. We ask that you build your team and drop it in the comments below and as always, compliments and critiques alike are welcome.

$5 Players

  • Gary Payton
  • AC Green
  • Tres Tinkle
  • Steve Johnson
  • Mel Counts

$4 Players

  • Gary Payton II
  • Jared Cunningham
  • Lester Conner
  • Lonnie Shelton
  • Jose Ortiz

$3 Players

  • Roberto Nelson
  • Brent Barry
  • Stephen Thompson
  • Drew Eubanks
  • Red Rocha

$2 Players

  • Ray Blume
  • Devon Collier
  • Dave Gambee
  • Charlie White
  • David Lucas

$1 Players

  • Jim Jarvis
  • Freddie Boyd
  • Cliff Crandall
  • Scott Haskin
  • Swede Halbrook