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Oregon State Football: Depth Chart Released

A new season is here.

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The Beavers have released their depth chart, and there aren’t a ton of surprises on there. Let’s take a quick look.

There are no surprises at Quarterback and Running Back, with Tristian Gebbia and Jermar Jefferson starting. At Wide Receiver; Trevon Bradford, Champ Flemings and Kolby Taylor are the starters. Looking at the defense and wow does Oregon State have some talented linebackers. Also their secondary should be much improved.



  1. Tristian Gebbia
  2. Chance Nolan
  3. Nick Moore -OR-

Running Back

  1. Jermar Jefferson
  2. BJ Baylor

Wide Receiver

  1. Trevon Bradford
  2. Zeriah Beason

Wide Receiver

  1. Champ Flemings
  2. Tyjon Lindsey
  3. Jesiah Irish -OR-

Wide Receiver

  1. Kolby Taylor
  2. Anthony Gould

Tight End

  1. Teagan Quitoriano
  2. Luke Musgrave -OR-

Left Tackle

  1. Joshua Gray
  2. Marco Brewer

Left Guard

  1. Jake Levengood
  2. Korbin Sorenson
  3. Brock Wellsfry -OR-


  1. Nathan Eldridge
  2. Nous Keobounnam
  3. Tanner Miller -OR-

Right Guard

  1. Nous Keobounnam
  2. Keli’l Montibon

Right Tackle

  1. Brandon Kipper
  2. Jaelen Bush
  3. Taliese Fuaga -OR-


Defensive End

  1. Isaac Hodgins
  2. James Rawls
  3. Cory Stover -OR-

Nose Tackle

  1. Alexander Skelton
  2. Evan Bennett

Defensive End

  1. Simon Sandberg
  2. Cody Anderson
  3. Tavis Shippen -OR-

Outside Linebacker

  1. Hamilcar Rashed Jr.
  2. Riley Sharp

Inside Linebacker

  1. Avery Roberts
  2. Doug Taumoelau
  3. Kyrei Fisher -OR-

Inside Linebacker

  1. Omar Speights
  2. Jack Colletto

Outside Linebacker

  1. Addison Gumbs
  2. Andrzej Hughes-Murray -OR-
  3. John McCartan -OR-
  4. Matthew Tago


  1. Isaiah Dunn
  2. Jaden Robinson


  1. David Morris
  2. Jaydon Grant -OR-
  3. Kitan Oladapo


  1. Akili Arnold
  2. Alton Julian


  1. Jaydon Grant
  2. Akili Arnold
  3. Isaiah Dunn
  4. Wynston Russell


  1. Nahson Wright
  2. Alex Austin
  3. Rejzohn Wright



  1. Everett Hayes
  2. Jake Scarton
  3. Dante Jackson -OR-


  1. Luke Loecher
  2. Caleb Lightbourn


  1. Caleb Lightbourn
  2. Luke Loecher
  3. Josh Green -OR-

Long Snapper

  1. Dylan Black
  2. Cameron Landes
  3. Peyton Hogan -OR-
  4. Jake Overman -OR-

Punt Return

  1. Trevon Bradford
  2. Jesiah Irish

Kickoff Return

  1. Champ Flemings
  2. Jesiah Irish