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Highlights From Mitch Canham’s Introductory Presser

Oregon State’s new head baseball coach was introduced to the media on Friday morning.

Following the retirement of Pat Casey and a year of speculating whether or not he would exit that retirement, the Oregon State Beavers’ baseball program introduced their next head coach in former Beavs catcher (and national champion) and Mariners minor league manager Mitch Canham.

Canham’s introductory presser took place on Friday morning alongside OSU athletic director Scott Barnes. Here’s the full video:

If you’re short on time, here are the highlights

What kind of a special run was being on the 2006-2007 teams?

“We have a large text chain that goes out amongst all of us former brothers and we talk about how excited we are for what the program is doing moving forward. I can’t be more grateful for the people I got to stand next to in the locker room and on the field. True men...But what all the former players are doing right now is even more amazing. Seeing them become fathers and getting to see their kids...That’s the truly amazing part is the relationships that we built here. I see it every year. Watching these guys come through the program and how they bond together, it’s so different than anywhere else.”

On OSU being his dream job

“This is the only job I’ve ever really dreamt of. When I was fortunate enough to interview with the Mariners, I got to sit down and share my beliefs. Andy Mckay brought me in and...I told him that I care about being selfless. I care about our process day in and day out. I care about doing the right thing and I love to have fun. And that’s exactly what it aligned with. I told him ‘I’m all in on this job. I’m from the Northwest. I’m never going to leave it except if I get one call. There’s only one job in the world that means more to me’ and that’s this one. I’ve made a million great relationships. I love those guys [at the Mariners] and I’m going to head back tomorrow and say my goodbyes...It’s awesome to see family can be created wherever you’re at.”

On a new version of the O State Ballaz song

“Only a matter of time, right? Actually, it surprised me. My best friend since fifth grade Ryan, who is actually the one who deserves all the credit for creating those songs, he was excited. He said ‘any time you need that next song coming out, let me know and we’ll get on it right away.’ But those are good times.”

On changes, or lack thereof, to the roster of assistant coaches for this coming season

“Amazing men. All of them. Not just amazing men as people, but with their skill set. Phenomenal coaches and not only that, they’re family. So conversations have to happen. I mean it just happened yesterday. I’m excited to sit down and talk with each coach. I had a chance to talk with Nate, had a chance to talk with [Pat Bailey]. We’re all in a good place and we’re going to continue to have the conversations and see how we can make this thing work. I know that our current players and our future players are going to be very excited and we’re going to continue to make this thing right.”