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2019 Depth Chart: Offensive Line

Who is going to be leading the way for the Beavs?

Oregon State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The past few days we have been rolling out our random educated guesses at what the 2019 depth chart will be.


  • Blake Brandel
  • Brandon Kipper
  • Nathan Eldridge
  • Gus Lavaka
  • Clay Cordasco

It seems likely that three starting positions are locked up barring injury. Blake Brandel and Gus Lavaka will start for the fourth straight year at tackle and guard respectively while grad transfer Nathan Eldridge will likely be the starting center. Eldridge is not currently part of the team as he finishes up his graduation requirements in Tuscon, so he will obviously not be taking part in spring ball in Corvallis. The final two spots, one guard and one tackle will be hotly contested throughout the spring and summer. If I had to take a stab in the dark and guess who will claim those positions I would take Hawaii transfer Brandon Kipper and third year Beav Clay Cordasco.


  • Keli’l Montibon
  • Nous Keobounnam
  • Onesimus Clarke
  • Brock Wellsfry
  • Travis Mackay
  • Joshua Gray
  • Jake Levengood
  • Rob Vanderlaan
  • Jacob Ferenczi

I would expect some of these guys to compete and possibly win one of the two open spots on the line. Monitbon, Keobounnam, Clark, Wellsfry, Levengood and Mackay all have experience in the program and will be pushing for those starting positions. Joshua Gray will be an interesting one to watch, he was recruited by several PAC 12 programs before grayshirting in 2018.Expect Vanderlaan to redshirt, while Ferenczi grayshirts.


There will be a lot of work to do for a line replacing three starters from last season. Brandel and Lavaka are grizzled veterans at this point while Eldridge has the most experience with coach Michalczik from their time together in Arizona. I would expect the competition to last into fall camp when Eldridge arrives as the coaching staff determines which five linemen give the Beavs the best chance.