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2019 Depth Chart: Defensive Line

Who’s expected to start in 2019?

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of the off season for Oregon State football, here at Building the Dam we are previewing each position group and breaking down how we see the depth chart shaking out this fall. We start our previews looking at the defensive line. The much-maligned defensive line should make some strong improvements in 2019. Newcomers Addison Gumbs, Jordan Whittley, James Rawls, Simon Sandberg and Evan Bennett will all have a chance to make a huge impact for Oregon State. Overall this group has potential, but they need to show on-the-field improvement before I’ll be able to trust the defensive line.


  • Elu Aydon
  • Addison Gumbs *(OLB/DE)
  • Isaac Hodgins
  • Jeromy Reichner

2nd String:

  • Isaac Garcia
  • Miki Fifita
  • Jordan Whittley
  • James Rawls
  • Evan Bennett
  • Simon Sandberg

3rd String:

  • Keishon Dawkins
  • Kelsen Hennessy
  • Chris Mengis
  • Bradley Bickler
  • Cory Stover
  • Josh Bowcut

4th String:

  • Cade Brownholtz
  • Nick Suing
  • Kade Hustler
  • Jaelen Bush
  • Shawn Elliott
  • Conner Warick
  • Cody Anderson
  • Sebastian Briski


The top four defensive lineman are all very talented. Gumbs and Reichner are both returning from injuries and Elu Aydon has had trouble staying in shape, which is troublesome to say the least. Addison Gumbs is technically listed as a linebacker for Oregon State (same with Omar Speights), but I expect both of them to be edge rushers for this team.

The second stringers have some strong potential and I think Rawls and Whittley will both have strong years, but overall the depth starts to tail off. I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst in 2019.

For an in-depth ranking of Oregon State’s position groups check it out here. And stay tuned tomorrow for a breakdown of the tight ends.