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How To Watch: 2018 NFL Draft

Watch the college great become pros

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft
Who should I fine next?
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It’s draft day! Grab your snacks, sit in your favorite recliner and listen to Mel Kiper yell about length and upside all night.


Jerry World, Arlington, Texas


Round 1- Tonight April 26th 5pm PST

Rounds 2-3- Tomorrow April 27th 4pm PST

Rounds 4-7- Saturday April 28th- 9am PST

What channel?

All of them? NFL Network and ESPN networks, and Fox jumps in at some point. Pretty soon they will beam the draft right into your brain folds and you wont even have to turn on the TV.


Cause you miss football. Cause you want an excuse not to do your adult responsibilities. Cause you’re not doing what I’m doing and watching hockey instead.. Go Pens.

Also so you can see tomorrows stars get their name called by Roger Goodell, awkwardly hold a jersey to a team they don’t want to play for, all while hoping Goodell doesn’t fine them for not double knotting their shoelaces (Cause we all know Roger Goodell is all about control safety).


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Cleveland, you’re on the clock.