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Quick Links: Civil War Eve...Also Known As Thanksgiving

It’s the day before the biggest game of the season.

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images
  • This week is the big one folks. The Civil War has provided Oregon State fans with some good memories of OSU football heroes over the years. Namely, this game has allowed certain players to shine over the years that faced some some adversity early in their college years. Here are three examples of those players in the Civil War via The Statesman Journal.

  • The folks over at UW Dawg Pound (SB Nation’s Washington site) are busy prepping for a rivalry game of their own this week with the Apple Cup going on. They did, however, take a second to look back at the Huskies’ win over Oregon State last week with a pretty in-depth film breakdown. If you’re like me and too much of a football nerd to move on from that loss, you can check that out here.

  • The NBC Sports Northwest folks had an interesting topic of conversation this week: does OSU have enough in the tank to upset Oregon? You can watch that segment (about two minutes long) right here.

  • Finally, Jake Luton could see another year of eligibility in an Oregon State uniform thanks to the paperwork the Beavs filed last week. Take a look back at his promising, but injury-fraught time in Corvallis with Nick Daschel from The Oregonian.