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Pac 12 Pick Em: Thanksgiving Edition

A potluck of picks for your reading pleasure

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Current Leaderboard:

Justin 61-23

Marcus 60-24

Travis 57-27

Joe 56-28

Patrick 56-28

Leo 54-30

Kyle 53-31

Ross 53-31

John 52-32

Coach 52-32

Oregon State V Oregon

Roast Turkey today. Roast Duck tomorrow

Oregon State: Travis, Leo, Ross John and Coach

Oregon: Justin, Marcus and Joe

Washington State v Washington

Can Leach finally knock off Peterson? Or will the Cougs be stuck at the kids table for another year?

WSU: Justin, Travis, Joe, Leo, Ross, John and Coach

UW: Marcus and Kyle

Stanford v UCLA

Chip Kelly’s first season in LA has been pretty fowl if we say so ourselves

Stanford: Everyone

Arizona v ASU

Can ASU stop Khalil Tate, or will he Parade down the field on them?

Arizona: Justin, Travis, and Ross

ASU: Marcus, Joe, Leo, Kyle John and Coach

Cal V Colorado

Coach Wilcox always has thanksgiving meals on his mind

Cal: Justin, Marcus, Travis, Leo, Kyle and John

Colorado: Coach and Ross


Will USC fans be thankful to be getting a new coach after this game?

Notre Dame: Everyone

Utah v BYU

Good thing Utah has big boy pants, cause this rivalry game will be filling

Utah: Justin, Travis, Joe, Leo, Kyle, Ross and John

BYU: Marcus and Coach

Happy Thanksgiving! Go Beavs!

Note: As of publishing Patrick had not submitted picks for this week