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Welcome to the BTDFL!!!

We asked... You answered. Here are the rules of the BTDFL.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 29 Oregon at Oregon State
Can Sean Mannion throw multiple footballs while bouncing on a trampoline???
Photo by Brian Murphy/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

If you’re like me, you’re old enough to remember the original iteration of the XFL, a one season wonder that said no to coin flips, yes to violence and welcome to “He Hate Me”. While the brainchild of WWE headman Vince McMahan only lasted one season, it is set to make a comeback in 2020. While details are scarce it appears this version of the XFL will focus less on the X and more on the F as it attempts to compete with the NFL, so we expect the rules to be fairly similar to the NFL. So we took it upon ourselves to create the BTDFL and we wanted to know what you, our loyal minions followers wanted to see and boy did you all deliver. We got some that were fascinating and others that were borderline insane...Im looking at you Hammer & Rails!

Below are some of our favorite rules that were suggested. Some may contradict each other, but whatever it’s our league and we will make shit up as we go.

Marcus just wants games to get over quick

Mascot Battles!

People want to know what the hell a catch is

We got rid of USC players, but made exceptions for John David Booty cause thats the best effing name, and Mark Sanchez cause Butt Fumble’s are awesome. We also mandated that Sean Mannion and Derek Anderson will start for their respective teams.

Y’all hate kickers.

Gonna start putting people in the penalty box

All the balls!

And the best idea of all the ideas comes from Ethan

So if you wanna watch some hour long football on trampolines with a clear definition of a catch, limited or eliminated kicking, Derek Anderson, Sean Mannion, Butt Fumbles, John David Booty, a bunch of footballs, mascot brawls and a penalty box, boy do we got the thing for you....