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Numbers to Know: Oregon State (9-4) vs. Colorado (8-5)

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It's all Tinkle and the Thompson brothers as Beavers win conference opener.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who was worried that Oregon State would fold once conference play began needs not worry any longer.

The trio of coach's kids that suit up for the Beavers scored all but thirteen of Oregon State's 76 points. In fact, the trio outscored the entire team effort of the Buffaloes—Stephen Thompson Jr. led the team with 24 points, Tres Tinkle scored 23 points, and Ethan Thompson scored 14 points.

Oregon State rode those hot hands, as well as a strong defensive effort, to beat Colorado by a score of 76-57.

While it's true that Colorado isn't necessarily the class of the conference, they are easily the second-best opponent (after St. John's) that Oregon State has seen through their first 13 games of the season. A win like this should give the Beavers momentum moving forward, and with nine wins already earned there's reason to start getting excited about the potential for postseason tournament play.

Here are the numbers:

8 - Consecutive points scored by Oregon State to begin the game. By the time Colorado got a ball to fall through the hoop, three minutes and 36 seconds of game clock had already elapsed.

76.8 - Points per game for Colorado coming into this contest, and yet they went into the halftime break down by nine points after scoring just 23 points in the first 20 minutes of play. Credit the Oregon State defense for holding Colorado to such a dismal total, as the Beavers forced eight turnovers and held the Buffaloes to 28.6% shooting from the field in the first half.

24 - Points scored by Tres Tinkle (14 points) and Ethan Thompson (10 points) through the first twenty minutes of the game, one more point than the entire Colorado roster was able to score in that same period of time.

22 - Second-half points for Stephen Thompson Jr., after scoring just two points in the first half. While it was Tinkle and the younger Thompson brother that put the team on their back in the opening half, it was the elder Thompson brother that came alive in the final twenty minutes. Once he got going, Colorado had no answer for the scoring onslaught that the Beavers hit them with.

9 & 11 - Blocks and steals for Oregon State in the game. The highlights weren't all about scoring, as Oregon State's zone defense had Colorado stymied the entire night. Drew Eubanks may not have had the juice on the offensive end in this game, but he logged blocks and one steal by himself despite being on the bench in foul trouble for much of the game.

1 - Number of wins against Pac-12 teams for Oregon State last season, and also this season. Last season the Beavers played 19 games against Pac-12 teams (counting the conference tournament) and went 1-18. So far this year they are 1-0 against conference opponents.

Oregon State (9-4, 1-0) hosts Utah (9-3, 1-0) on December 31st.