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Time To Turn In A New Direction

Changes are coming to Building the Dam

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

After seven years with Building the Dam, it's time to turn in a new direction.

It's been a great 7 years, one that saw an Alamo Bowl season, a College World Series, the return to the NCAA Playoffs by the men's basketball team, and a run to the Final Four by the women.

It's also been an opportunity to work with some great people, and make some new friends around the conference and the country.

Robert, Connor, James, Chris, Steve, Kurt, and Jake, who founded the site before that, have been a joy and a god send. Like all good team members, Beavers or otherwise, they made me look a lot better than I could ever have by myself.  There are others as well.

There have also been some distinct lows, the last 4 Washington games and the extended futility in the Civil War prominent among them, as well as the inglorious ends to the LaVonda Wagner and Craig Robinson eras.

Unfortunately, there have even been serious issues of death on campus and matters that ended up in courts.

All these mirror life on a larger scale, where there are highs and lows, and a few good people along the way, as well. But one thing our shared love of our beloved Beavers, and other teams, does, is give us something to look forward to, regardless of the events of the day. Hope and excitement always come with game day.

Just as has been the case in the 50 years I've been around the Pac, and following closely the exploits of the Beavers, never mind the last 7 years at Building The Dam, there are always new chapters in the story. A glance at the record books for the conference for the 50 years before that tells us that was the case then too.

And it will continue to be long after all of us have seen our last game. One of those new chapters is about to begin, as the needs of my family, and the demands of my other jobs, and the evolving direction of SB Nation, our parent company, are becoming increasingly incompatible.

Not wrong, in either case. Just different from each other.

I'll still be around Beaver Nation, and Beaver games (why stop after 50 years?), and this won't be the last thing I ever write. But its time to adapt to a changing world, and meet the changing challenges.

One thing we know as Beavers is that "building the dam" is something we will never be done doing.

Go Beavs!