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Eckert Leads List Of Other Beavers Drafted

Travis Eckert earned a decent draft selection with his solid senior season at Oregon State.
Travis Eckert earned a decent draft selection with his solid senior season at Oregon State.
OSU/Kansas City Royals Draft Image

Logan Ice's selection late in the second round of the 2016 MLB draft this weekend by the Cleveland Indians was the high mark for Oregon State, but 4 other Beavers were also taken.

Travis Eckert was the second Oregon State player taken, going in the 7th round, when the Kansas City Royals took the right armed pitcher in the 7th round, with the 223rd overall pick.

Eckert passed up the pros last year, after San Francisco selected him in the 20th round. The decision to return to Corvallis was a good one, as Eckert progressed from middle reliever/mid week starter to the Sunday starter, and finally, after injury to Drew Rasmussen, Eckert was elevated to become head coach Pat Casey's Friday night guy. Eckert earned a pair of Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week honors in the process.

Shortstop Trevor Morrison was the next Beaver selected, by the Milwaukee Brewers organization, but not until the 12th round, with the 351st pick.

Lightly used junior right armed pitcher John Pomeroy was picked next, taken by the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, in the 13th round, with the 405th pick.

Caleb Hamilton rounded out this year's Oregon State draft list, going in the 23rd round to the Minnesota Twins organization, with the 693rd pick.

Ice was guaranteed to be gone after this season as early as March, and becoming about a millionaire makes signing with the Indians automatic for a catcher, easily the position that imparts the most wear and tear on a player of any in baseball.

Eckert, being Oregon State's only senior, will obviously sign as well. But that may be, and should be, the extent of the damage done to the Beavers' roster.

Morrison's late selection was a disappointment, but his being left off of even the honorable mention All-Pac-12 list, and the conference All-Defensive team, dropped his stock. The relationship between Morrison and Casey hasn't always been completely cordial, and there was even talk before the season that Morrison might lose his job.

He didn't, because he's Oregon State's best shortstop. But there was talk of Morrison joining Ice as an early departure late in the season. The issue is whether Morrison can improve his standing all that much by returning, but the disppointing 12th round selection means it won't take much to improve that standing. As such, it would behoove Morrison to stay around.

Pomeroy's pick was a surprise, as he has only appeared in 23 games in his 3 years with the Beavers, and just 7 this season. Unless he believes he won't see many innings with the return of several of the injured Oregon State pitchers, it seems obvious he would and should finish his 4 years.

Hamilton has the most opportunity to improve his standing, as the number of 23rd round picks to get far is a small one, and he has to use his last year to try to improve his hitting.

Oregon State commit Adley Rutschman also got his name called, when the Seattle Mariners used their 40th round pick, the 1,197th overall, on the Sherwood High grad. A candidate to eventually replace Ice as well as a possible pitcher, there's probably zero chance Rutschman, who could also eventually see football action as a kicker, having connected on a field goal from 63 yards out, doesn't come to Corvallis.