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Beavers fall flat after fast start, fall to the Huskies.

After a fast start Beavers fall flat, as the Huskies use a bottom of the 5th inning run to come back for the win.

Oregon State continued their series with the Washington Huskies after a 4-2 win last night. After a fast start they fell flat in their Pac-12 series with the Huskies. A five run inning for the Huskies in the bottom of the 5th turned the game around, and the Huskies never looked back on their way to the 8-6 win. The Huskies improved to 24-20 on the season. While the Beavers dropped to 28-14, 11-9 in Pac-12 play and 5-7 on the road.

The Beavers opened up the top of the first, hot against Washington Huskies pitcher Tyler Davis. Oregon State got started by a Jeff Hendrix's double which scored Elliot Cary to get the Beavers on board first. The runs kept adding up as a Michael Howard single to right field drove in Jeff Hendrix. Logan Ice's second home run of the season added three runs to the inning to put them up by five. They finished with four hits and five runs to take the 5-0 lead.

It looked like the Beavers might have a easy night but a Austin Rei home run scored himself and  fellow teammate Jack Meggs to cut the lead to 5-2 in the bottom of the first. After a quiet second inning the Beavers added to their lead in the top of the third. Washington's shortstop Chris Baker made a fielding error off of a Michael Howard hit that saw Jeff Hendrix score increasing the lead to 6-2.

Going into the bottom of the 5th the Beavers still held the lead 6-2, the Huskies Austin Rei changed all that. Getting his second home run of the game to add three more runs to  cut the Beavers lead to 6-5. Rei at this point had batted all five runs in, to keep Washigton in the game. After giving up his second home run to Rei, Beavers Drew Rasmussen was replaced by Sam Tweedt after pitching 4.1 innings. Tweedt wouldn't fare much better as  Washington's Nyles Nygaard single drove in two more runs for the Huskies to give them the lead after a five inning run 6-7.

In the bottom of the 6th, the Huskies extended their lead to two with a Branden Berry single to score Braden Bishop 6-8. After starting the game being able to drive in run after run the Beavers fell flat for the rest of the game. As their batters seemed unable to find rhythm that gave them the early lead.

The Huskies with the win even the series and hope to defend their home field advantage. The Beavers seemed to struggle on the road and that remains a problem as they have a series at Stanford and a road game with in state rival Oregon.

The series concludes saturday 7:30 pm, as the Beavers hope to win the series against Washington. The win would help their push in the Pac-12, and for the bigger playoff picture.