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Oregon St Going Black and White Against Michigan

Its white over black back at the Big House for the Beavers.
Its white over black back at the Big House for the Beavers.
OSU Athletics Promo image

Oregon State is going to take a black and white approach to Michigan this week. That's not a give-away of Coach Gary Andersen's game plan, its the word on this week's fashion statement.

The Beavers will wear the prerequisite white jerseys being the visitor in the BIg House at high noon local EDT time Saturday (9 AM PDT and Beaver body time), and wear their white helmets, now with the regular Beaver logo back in place over the red-white-blue version used in the home opener last Friday.

But rather than the Star Wars storm trooper look, Oregon State will wear black pants this week, which blends into their black to orange cleats.

Its another new again look that we haven't seen in recent years, and represents another more creative look than anything that seemed to be tolerated in the latter days of the DeCarolis era.

The ABC nationally televised home opener for Michigan, and Jim Harbaugh, starts a big day for both states, with Oregon visiting Michigan State 5 hours later, and many of the fans making the trip planning to take in both games.