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Chai Baker Collapses, Hospitalized

Oregon St. freshman Chai Baker reported to be in hospital with heart condition.
Oregon St. freshman Chai Baker reported to be in hospital with heart condition.

Oregon St. freshman guard Chai Baker (apparently) collapsed during practice late Tuesday morning. "Apparently", because while Newschannel WJHG in Baker's hometown of Panama City, FL, reports that they have confirmed that the student athlete is Malone, Oregon St.'s Sports Information Office has confirmed that a student athlete did in fact collapse, and had to be transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis with a heart condition, but has not identified who the patient is.

"He is still there, and is alive,"  according to the release.

So far, Good Samaritan Hospital has not confirmed that Baker is a patient, though..

A family friend has confirmed that it is Baker, and has also told WJHG Sports that when brought to the emergency room Baker was unresponsive and had to be put on a ventilator, but has since come off that ventilator.

A tweet from former Oregon St. head coach Craig Robinson, who originally recruited Baker also indicates he is the patient.

Baker being a minor may be the reason both the university and the hospital are not acknowledging the identity of the patient.

Local media has so far ignored the situation, but the Oregonian has also reported WJHG's story.

UPDATE: Baker's high school coach Steven Welch has been in touch with Baker's family, members of which are enroute to Corvallis, and reports that  Baker is now stable, and doctors believe he has some sort of blood clot, which caused a "heart event" leading to his blackout.

Welch also relayed that Baker was on the ventilator through the night, but it is expected to be removed sometime today, and that tests on Baker's heart came back "ok." Doctors are now trying to find the cause of the clot.