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The Top 15 Quotes From "No Natty"

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

A week after Oregon State's 48-24 loss to rival Oregon two years ago, this NSFW video was posted to YouTube. It showed what appears to be a drunken Beaver fan heckling Duck players as they made the trip from Reser Stadium to their locker rooms in Gill Coliseum, following the Saturday afternoon game. Throughout the nearly four minute video are some golden quotes, most of which are making fun of former player Cliff Harris nick-naming the National Championship, "The Natty".

To provide some background, Oregon had been ranked number one in the nation going into its game against Stanford, played just a week before the Civil War. The Cardinal upset the Ducks in Eugene, 17-14 in overtime, thus all but ending their hopes at a Natty appearance. We rank the best quotes from the video below.

15. "Get out of my way, I don't even know you."

30 seconds into the video, the only person that tries to stop the Beaver fan is kindly told to stop interfering with the comedy.

14. "YouTube me that. YouTube me that. I don't even care."

Email me that. Tweet me that. Text me that. All common expressions. But I have never heard the phrase "YouTube me that" before in my life. Bravo.

13. "Oh yeah, way to go Ducks. No Natty for you!"

Our first No Natty! The sarcasm dripping from his voice as he compliments the first players to run by is excellent.

12. Guy holds up O. "That means no Natty."

Simple, yet creative for this man.

11. "Stanford! GO STANFORD!"

This one kind of came out of nowhere, which gives it a slight bump in the rankings.

10. "No Natty! No Natty for you, no natty for you. No Natty for that guy."

One of the more classic, recognizable quotes from the entire video. May be underrated here at number ten. I love how he singles out the players in this sequence.

9. "Oh are you guys going to the Rose Bowl? No you're not, cause Stanford's going to win."

Here he switches the attention from the Natty to the Rose Bowl, which Oregon was also a long shot for thanks to its loss to the Cardinal a week prior. The Ducks needed a Stanford loss to UCLA (which would kickoff just a few minutes after the conclusion of the Civil War) in order to go to the Pac-12 title game and have a shot at Pasadena. The Cardinal would beat the Bruins, and would then face them again the next week in the championship game.

8. "Natty? No Natty. No Natty. No Natty. Holiday Bowl. Holiday Bowl. Holiday Bowl. Las Vegas Bowl? Las Vegas Bowl."

This one doesn't make sense, but hell, very little of this actually does. He appears to be listing the possible postseason destinations for Oregon, conveniently skipping over the Fiesta (where they would end up) and the Alamo (where we would go). All I know is that I was dying when he got to the Las Vegas bowl. Just so random.

7. "Hey do you know Willie? Do you know Willie Lyles? Do you know Willie Lyles? Do any of you know Willie Nyles? No you don't."

Gotta give him credit for remembering this hilarious quote from coach Chip Kelly.

6. "Hey you know what that is? That big O on your head is a vagina. That's a big vaginaaa. Woo!"

Another semi-deep reference from our friend.

5. "Heyy, you're mom says hello!"

We've reached the "you're mom" jokes! I don't know where this came from, but it caught all on-lookers off guard, and the randomness of it puts it in the top five.

4. "Hey, change up your helmets too because they're kind of gay."

Easy to miss because it is sandwiched between a barrage of No Natty's. I like this quote because the guy just throws it in as a side note. Like, "Oh yeah, I have to make a comment on the gayness of their helmets." Alright, that's done. Back to the No Natty's.

3. "Son of a Bitch! No Natty! Oh is there a Natty up in here? Is there a Natty?"

I don't know why I love this one so much, but damnit, I just do. He is just so frustrated with the lack of a Natty.


Whoa! Not only are they not going to the Natty, the Ducks are about to be crippled with sanctions! Death penalty here we come! You can hear the glee in his voice when he realizes this for the first time.

1. "Holiday Bowl! Holiday Bowl, Bitch. Holiday Bowl! Get some!"

The Duck in your picture is the one and only Kiko Alonso, who saw arrests due to a DUI and burglary on two separate occasions while with Oregon. After hearing one of the No Natty taunts, he turns to the fan and asks "Where ya'll goin" repeatedly. The response? "Holiday Bowl", says the Beaver fan with pride. He punctuates it with a "Get some!", putting it at the top of our list.