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Beavers Outlast Cardinal in 13 Innings

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The Cardinal and Beaver pitching staffs battle in a pitchers' duel through extra innings resulting in a series winning 1-0 13 inning win for the Beavers.

Moore made a decent recovery from last week, delivering 7 shutout innings.
Moore made a decent recovery from last week, delivering 7 shutout innings.
Andy Wooldridge

Andrew Moore had another rough start in this game, giving up a lead off single, followed by a sacrifice bunt and a walk to have two on with one out. Pitching coach Nate Yeskie made a quick visit with the beatdown at Arizona fresh in his mind. Moore then forced a ground out to third baseman Caleb Hamilton who tagged third and threw to first for the double play, ending the top of the first. The Beavs would go down quietly in the bottom of the first, including two strikeouts.

The game would continue with a combination of good defense, good pitching, and little offense. Every inning Moore would get himself into a jam, but somehow worked himself back out of every single one. Stanford starter Cal Quantrill was arguably out pitching Moore throughout their respective performances, as Moore continually faced situations with runners in scoring position, and Quantrill only had one real threat early in the fifth inning.

The Beavers got their first chance of the day with Michael Howard and Caleb Hamilton getting on with back-to-back singles and one out. Morrison flied out for the second out and then Nate Esposito, starting at catcher for Logan Ice, would walk to load the bases. Hendrix could not deliver a hit though, as he struck it down the first baseline and was beat to the bag to get Stanford out of the jam. This was the one of the only chances of the day for the Beavers and despite Hendrix's recent rash of success at the plate he could not bring one home in that moment.

The same situation held through the 7th, where Moore's pitch count, bloated thanks to the sheer number of hits scattered throughout the game, got up to 120 and he had once again given up two bases with one out. On his 123rd pitch the batter, Austin Slater, swung at the first pitch and right into a double play, giving Moore his last escape from a jam on the day.

The bullpen would start take over in the 8th for the Beavers, with Zach Reser coming in and earning two outs giving up a single and a hit by pitch. Brandon Jackson would come in and do his best Andrew Moore impression, once again escaping a jam with a comebacker. The next pitcher in was Trent Shelton who got a fly out, but then gave up a walk, which took him out of the game, which brought in Scott Schultz. It also brought in Logan Ice as well, most likely as a counter to the Cardinal looking to steal any bases. Schultz was efficient, quickly earning two outs and moving to the bottom of the 9th with Conforto coming to the plate. The Cardinal would also make a change before the 9th, bringing on A.J. Vanegas in relief of Quantrill.

Conforto drilled one to deep center, but not far enough and it was caught by the Stanford outfielder. Keyes would earn a walk but that would be it and the game moved to extra innings. The game would continue into extra innings and from the way the game had gone it seemed that only one run from the Cardinal would be enough to win it. The top of the 12th delivered some drama, with Andy Peterson making an error on a routine groundball, but then the Cardinal responded by popping out a bunt to Schultz. That was followed by an unbelievable double play started by Morrison who slid into a sharply hit ball, quickly given to Peterson and to Keyes. Mike Parker called it the defensive play of the game, and it really was spectacular. The Beavs did get a base hit from Keyes in the bottom of the 12th, but OSU still could not bring a runner home.

The Beavers had an easy top of the 13th, and Morrison hit for a lead off single in the bottom of the inning. He would advance to 2nd on a passed ball, and then Stanford tried to get him on a bunt by Logan Ice, but Morrison would slide safely into third base. Jeff Hendrix would go to a full count, and then finally bring home the run with a line drive single, producing a tough Beaver victory 1-0. Schultz would earn the win bringing him to 4-2 on the season and Vanegas got the loss, his first result of the season.


At least in comparison to the other Beaver starters it is obvious that Moore does not have the same stuff. He does have great command which is what has made him so good, but he had a number of batters with two strikes where he had trouble finishing off the at bats.

Moore did not pitch well, but he did not pitch badly. Just good enough to keep the Beavs in the game.

Conforto and Davis really struggled today, Quantrill had both of them under wraps.

Scott Schultz starting might have really helped when he was needed for five innings today.

I wrote my headline and description at the beginning of the 13th inning. Not saying that helped, but...

First pitch tomorrow is 1:05 pm with Jace Fry expected to start.