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The Dam Links 8/26/2013: Game Week

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More season previews, 10 win Beavers, soccer results, recruiting status updates, and more


5 days until kickoff vs. the Eastern Washington Eagles.

EWU Factoid: Eastern Washington was actually a member of the Pac-10 North in baseball from 1982 through 1990. When the Ducks discontinued their program after the 1981 season, leaving only three teams in the Pac-10 North, the Pac-10 invited Gonzaga, Portland, Portland State, and Eastern Washington into the north division. Although the Eagles finished 3rd in the division in 1982 and 1984 (ahead of OSU that year, in fact), they spiraled out of competitive play, finishing their last five seasons in last, and eventually dropped the program entirely after the 1990 season.

The Best Beaver Play of 2012-13 tournament is down to it's final. Which Michael Conforto play will win? You have until 4:30pm Pacific on Monday to get your vote in.

Ted Miller of the Pac-12 blog has some ruminations on the Mannion-Vaz debate.

Connor Letourneau of Oregon Live takes a peek into Oregon State's (hopefully) improved return game. Although Andy reported on this Friday, Letourneau also has a reaction to Riley's decision to start Harlow and Bolden. Letourneau also has a brief report from Friday's practice.

Lindsey Schnell provides more non-news news about the lack of news on the QB competition. I feel at this point reporters are going to get more news just asking an empty room. Bueller....Bueller...Bueller?

Tom Luginbill of ESPN previews the Pac-12 season, predicting contenders and pretenders.

Ken Goe of Oregon Live takes a look at the team in purple 4 hours up I-5. He believes (and I agree with him) that if Sarkisian doesn't provide a significant improvement this year, he's going to feel his seat getting very warm.

Pat Forde has an interesting choice about who he believes is the best coach in the Pac-12.

Steve Gress of the G-T outlines how he believes the Beavers can get to a 10 win season.

Pacific Takes reviews the recruiting status of all the Pac-12 teams going into the season. Speaking of which, OSU commit and Jesuit senior Christian Martinek will likely have to make a decision between playing football and/or baseball in Corvallis or playing professional baseball.

Oregon Live has a video interview with Corvallis native, Crescent Valley High School senior QB, and OSU recruit Tanner Sanders.

Tyler Smith was named MVP of the short-season single-A Appalachian League.

In the first intercollegiate athletic event of the academic year, OSU women's soccer team fell 1-0 to #3 Florida State in Tallahassee on Friday. Their game Sunday didn't even go that well, falling 3-1 to the #9 ranked Florida Gators. has 20 questions with OSU volleyballer Carlotta Oggioni.

It's football week, folks! The last football-free weekend of the year is behind us, and we have four months of college and five months of NFL football to look forward to, starting Thursday night. This is how I feel right about now, and it's only going to get better as the week goes on.

As always, be sure to vote in the poll below, and in the Best Beaver Play final, too. If I missed anything, leave it in the comments below.