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The Dam Links 12/31/2013: Endgame

Apparently, football season being over means links are fewer and further between. At least that's my excuse....

Marco Garcia-USA TODAY Sports

242 days until kickoff vs. Portland State...

45 days until first pitch vs. Gonzaga. (This is also Valentine's Day, so you might want to remember that for other reasons).

The Pac-12 Blog provides a brief overview on Oregon State's season, post-Hawaii Bowl.

O-Live's Ken Goe provides some wrap up as well. Lindsey Schnell looks ahead to 2014.

O-Live also put together a list of the top 10 Beaver stories from 2013 with links.

Akeem Gonzalez, a reserve defensive end for Oregon State, has left the team. Gonzalez played in four games for OSU this season, recording one tackle.

Todd McShay's initial mock draft projects Scott Crichton at #24, going to the Cincinnati Bengals. Neither of these experts predicts Crichton in the first round, and they only have him as the 8th best defensive end, projected in round two or three. They project Brandin Cooks as the 8th best WR, likely to go in the second round as well. Sean Mannion doesn't even make the list of QB's, although I'm not sure if they just aren't assuming he'll get drafted or not.

One of my favorite NFL writers, Bill Barnwell of Grantland picks his All-Pro team, and there's one Beaver on his first team. I'll give you a hint: he went undrafted. Grantland also has an article reviewing the bowl season's highlights so far.

Chris Petersen announced his coaching staff at the University of Washington, and former OSU QB Jonathan Smith is going with him. Instead of just being QB coach, Smith will be UW's Offensive Coordinator (and QB coach); quite a promotion. Congratulations to Jonathan, but I hope you lose at least one game a year.

Connor Letourneau takes a look at the mens' basketball team's newest starter, Langston Morris-Walker.

This article, which was released prior to Sunday's game against Notre Dame, previews the Lady Beavers' upcoming rough schedule.

Don't forget that the Orange & Black Exhibition for the gymnastics team is this Friday. The meet starts at 7pm at Gill Coliseum, and the team will be signing autographs after the event.

Today's unrelated video is an oldie, but as an engineer who owns cats, it is close to my heart.

As always, vote in the poll below. Hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year; please be responsible in your celebrations. According to my overly sarcastic girlfriend, I only have about 27 readers, I can't afford to lose any one of you.