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The Dam Links 11/5/2013

Now is the winter of our discontent.

Steve Dykes

So, the "Whoops, we're not as good as we thought" tour continues through the Pac-12 blog, who drops Oregon State to 8th in the Power Rankings, and projects them to the New Mexico Bowl. The only person happy with that would be my buddy BJ, who just moved to Albuquerque. Also, the Weekend Review does not reflect kindly upon the Beavers.

Lindsey Schnell has some follow up on Mike Riley and post-game fallout from last weekend. The cliche solution for the team is they need to play with more heart. Ken Goe provides a video reaction.

Despite the loss, the Beavers did pick up some recruiting commitments: Yanni Demogerontas, an Offensive Guard from Orland Park Illinois, and Jake Knight, a tight end from Idaho. Lawrence Cager, a 4-star recruit from the Class of 2015, has received an offer from Oregon State. tOSU has an interest, however, which makes me ponder how likely this is.

Despite last week's return of Bad Mannion, Sean has been announced as a Davey O'Brien award semifinalist.

Things Oregon State players lead the country in:

Sean Mannion: Passing Yards. Passing Yards per Game. Passing TD's.

Brandin Cooks: Receiving TD's (tied). Receiving Yards. Receiving Yards per Game. Receptions per Game.

Sadly, that section is getting smaller and likely to continue doing so.

Love him or hate him, the Pac-12 thinks Larry Scott is doing a good job, and extended his contract through the 2017-18 school year.

Volleyball is now an astounding 0-12 in conference play after dropping a pair of home games to the Arizona schools over the weekend. Mens' soccer was off, but got some academic acknowledgment, although they are also winless in conference. Womens' soccer lost a pair of games, but is 3-6-1 in Pac-12 play. Kind of sad that the football team has more conference wins than mens' soccer, womens' soccer, and volleyball combined.

The rowing team finished their fall season at Head of the Lake. I was unaware rowing season was a thing right now.

One member of the wrestling team had a good weekend.

On the plus side, womens' basketball beat the snot out of St. Martin's in an exhibition match on Saturday.

Some highlights from my favorite OSU basketball game of all time:

Back in the days of Ralph Miller, Gary Payton, Bill Sherwood, and Jose Ortiz. Those were the days. Darrell Aune even gets in a "Holy Jumpin' Up and Down Martha," a phrase I still occasionally break out to this day.

And if you feel like giving up, that's it's too frustrating and just too much, remember this mouse.

As always, be sure to vote in the depressing poll below. If I missed any good The Dam Links, leave em in the comments, and I'll catch you on the flip side.

Late addition: The Heinrich Tailgater's Illegal Participation podcast has released their newest episode.