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Gary And AC Get After It At OSU Groundbreaking

The groundbreaking for the new Oregon St. Basketball Practice facility unfolded under sunny skies Thursday, and the dignitaries got some cooler than average hard hats for the event.

(Here's hoping "Sahr", one of BTD's best followers, who will be working on the project, will get one of those cool black hard hats as well.)

Gary Payton and AC Green were there as well, and they look like they were ready to move more than just that first shovel of gravel.


Meanwhile, the turf removal across the street at Reser is almost complete.


Interesting how the painted Pac-12 logos soaked through. The logo is going to be painted on the new turf, not inlaid, in anticipation of a possible change in a year after the new Nike identity campaign is unveiled.

We'll have more updates as things move along.