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Beavers Can't be Beat at Home!

Oregon State defense is too much for the Huskies.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Beavers hosted the Washington Huskies at Gill Coliseum at 1:30pm today. The Beavers who remain undefeated at home 13-0, made good on a chance to extend that streak to 14-0. Oregon St.began the day in a three way tie with Oregon and Stanford for 3rd in the Pac-12. They are 6-4 in the Pac-12, 15-7 overall. Washington is 3-7 in the Pac 12, 12-8 overall.

Washington beat the Beavers 43-56 in Seattle, they seem to have the Beavers number. The Beavers can turn that around today, with a win at home and even the season series. A crowd of 9,114, the largest of the season, turned out to see.

The game started out with both teams struggling during the first two minutes of the game. The Beavers would go on a 6-0 run to take the first lead of the game. Shawn Kemp Jr. would hit one of two free throws to put the Huskies on the board 10-1. The Huskies are only scoring at the line with Washington Mike Anderson going 2-2 at the line 10-3.

At 9 mins Washington has not scored a field goal in the half partially due to the Huskies sloppy play, but mainly due to the fact that the beavers are playing a great game.They are controlling the game with their defense. Every game it seems like the Beavers defense is getting better and better. Especially when they play at home.

Nigel Williams-Goss would hit a three to give the Huskies their first field goal of the game at 7:50 of the first half 14-6. Although the Beavers would dominate most of the first half, they would get a little sloppy and give up their big lead in the latter part of the first half. They would almost go 5 minutes without scoring, the Huskies would use this to cut into the lead 21-18 at the half. Althought the Huskies cut down the lead to 3 the Beavers are 11-0 when leading at halftime.

The start of the second half the Beavers would go on a run extending their lead to 25-18. It seems to be a trend for them to go on a run in the opening halves and seemingly slow down in the later part of the halves. The Huskies would cut hte lead back to only three points with Nigel Williams-Goss going 2-2 at the line 25-22.

The game would go back and forth with the Beavers extending their lead to 12 and the Huskies would knock it down to 9 or 10. Daniel Gomis Oregon State's biggest player would foul out with 2:41 left in the half, but he wasn't much of a factor in this game. The closest the Huskies would get would be cutting the lead down to 9. The Beavers down the stretch would extend their lead to almost 20 points leading 62-44. The Huskies would go on a final short run knocking the lead down to 14 with Gary Payton ll dunking the ball to seal the game. The final score was 64 to 50 Beavers.

This is the first time the Beavers have been 14-0 in school history at home. It marks a major milestone in Oregon State history for Men's basketball. The Beavers are first in the Pac-12 in Field goal defense at 36.8%. During the game Foxsports also showed that the Beavers when at home allow 52.8 points a game with a 13-0 record that is now 14-0 at home. They are 2-7 on the road allowing 62.1 points when playing away. The best clip they showed was the final moments of the upset win over No.6 Arizona that never gets old watching.

Washington would have three players in double figures with Shawn Kemp Jr. with 13, Andrew Andrews 14 and Nigel William-Goss with 13. Gary Payton would have a much better game then last game leading the Beavers with 17 points. He was the most exciting player on the court with amazing dunks, drives to the basket and a great block. He would also finish with 5 rebounds, 3 assist, 5 steals and that 1 great block. He remains the Beavers man that does everything. Three more Beavers finish in double figures Langston Morris-Walker with 11, Jarmal Reid 12 and Malcom Duvivier with 12.The Washington Huskies finished with a game high 21 turnovers thanks to the Oregon State Beavers aggressive defense.

The Beavers impove to 16-7 overall, 7-4 in Pac 12 play. The Huskies drop to 14-9 overall, 3-8 in Pac 12 play.

The Beavers play at UCLA on Wednesday at 7pm PT. While the Huskies host Arizona on Friday at 6pm PT.