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Memorable Beaver Moments

1998 Civil War
> Smith-Alexander TD forces OT
> Simonton 2OT touchdown
Mike Hass Highlights
Beavers 2006 Goal Line Stand at Cal
Beavers Upset USC in 2006
Beavers Upset USC in 2008
Moevao Blocks UW DE Gunheim
2006 Baseball Nat. Championship
> Highlights Part 1 | Part 2
Sun Bowl Two-Point Conversion
2007 Baseball Nat. Championship
> Super Regional win over UM
> Wong/ Barney Double Play
> Wallace to Barney to Canham
> Lennerton Leaves No Doubt
> Final Out and Dogpile
> Highlights Part 1 | Part 2
> SportsCenter Highlights
> O State Ballaz
2007 Civil War Final Plays
Alexis Serna Highlights
2009 Baseball Highlights
Quizz WildBeaver TD Pass
Oregon State Christmas
Lathen Wallace buries Arizona
Beavers Win 2012 Civil War Game On Play at Plate

This list is a work in progress. If you have suggestions for videos to add, e-mail Andy.