Easy Cosplay Ideas

Nerdiness used to be something looked down upon and was more niche. But in recent years, people have started wearing this label as a badge of honor. And as a result, video games and comics are widely embraced.

In fact, some bring their 2D favorites to life by cosplaying ("costume" plus "playing"), and the industry is projected to grow by $23 billion by 2030. It's a fun way to express your love and passion, so it's no wonder why cosplaying is so popular.

If you want to join in, then read on for some easy cosplay ideas you can try.

Mario or Luigi

Everyone knows the Super Mario franchise, even if they're not avid gamers. These famous Italian plumber brothers have taken us on so many adventures, including ones on the race track.

Grab a few pieces of clothing, put them on, and people will instantly know who you're cosplaying as. Get yourself overalls, white gloves, and either red or green shirts (red for Mario, green for Luigi).

As for their iconic hats, you can either buy official merchandise or wear a red or green cap. Cut out an M or L, paste it on the cap, and you're done!

These outfits are also great if you're looking for couples' cosplay ideas. The two of you can put together the outfits without much effort or money spent.


Pikachu's another iconic character that anyone will recognize from a mile away. And even better is, you don't have to get branded pieces to achieve this outfit.

While most people don't have yellow items in their wardrobe, they're not difficult to buy. You'll only need a yellow shirt or hoodie, ears, and tails (which can all be DIYed).

Get some lipstick and draw some red circles on your cheeks. If you have black paint, you can also draw on Pikachu's cute upside-down triangle nose.

Ash Ketchum

Have your friend cosplay as Pikachu, and you can be their owner Ash. This cartoon character is another that has a simple outfit, so it won't be hard to do at all.

Put on blue jeans, a dark shirt, and a blue jacket or vest. In addition, you'll need a red and white cap, gloves, and casual sneakers.

As a finishing touch, consider clipping a Pokeball to your jeans. Plus, you can bring along any Pokemon plushies you have!


Looking for female cosplay ideas? Then try Misty from Pokemon. Her aesthetic is very recognizable, and you won't have to put in much effort to achieve it.

You'll have to wear a yellow tank top, jean shorts, red suspenders, and casual sneakers. If you don't have red hair, you can always dye your hair or get a wig. Either way, make sure you put your hair up in the side ponytail she always has.

Wednesday Addams

If you're already a gothy person, then this cosplay outfit will be a cinch.

Put on a black dress with a Peter Pan collar, as well as black tights or fishnets if you have them. Put your hair into two braids, with them falling on your shoulders.

The key is to go dark and moody with your makeup. Focus on blackening your eyes for a more morbid aesthetic.


Are you a fan of "Adventure Time"? Then what's excellent is that Finn is one of the best male cosplay ideas around.

Dig around in your wardrobe to find blue shorts and a blue shirt, as well as white socks and black shoes. You'll need a green backpack and a white hoodie with ears too.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia is another female cosplay idea that's well-known yet effortless to do.

Wear a long white dress with a belt, and you've already got her look down. Of course, the main thing is to put your hair in her distinctive bun hairstyle, coiled on either side of your head.


"Vikings" was a hugely popular TV show, and it's easy to see why. The portrayed people were amazingly strong and courageous. Plus, the outfits and hairstyles looked cool too.

You can be your own version of Ragnar by picking up an outfit for Viking cosplay found here. Viking fashion isn't super complicated, so you won't have many garments to buy and wear. This ensures that you'll feel comfortable wherever you go.

To complete the Ragnar look, simply grow out your beard, and either shave your head or braid your hair (depending on which "era" Ragnar you're going for).


"Rick and Morty" is a hit cartoon, and if you're a short guy with brown hair, you already look like the character.

Complete the Morty look by throwing on blue jeans, a yellow t-shirt, and white shoes. It's really that easy to cosplay as Morty!

Rick Sanchez

If you want to make the above idea a couple's cosplay, the other person can easily be Rick Sanchez.

For this character, you'll need brown pants, a light blue shirt, and a lab coat. For Rick's hair, you can either get a wig or dye your hair silver, then spike it.

When the two of you walk into any room, people will immediately know you're this space-traveling duo.

Have Fun With These Easy Cosplay Ideas

These easy cosplay ideas are fantastic for beginners. You won't have to worry much about getting every detail right, and you'll fit right in with other cosplayers.

Once you get the hang of things, you can opt for more expensive pieces that pay close attention to detail. And if you're up for a challenge, you can even make your own garments in the future!

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