2023 Oregon State Beaver Fever

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023.


The Beavers stand 10-0... #6 in the polls.

The lovable gritty hard-working story of the year.

They have become 'America's Team...

Left behind by the capitalistic machine, in their last season in a Power Conference, the Beavers are fighting back….


In 2000 as QB, Jonathan Smith led the Beavers to their greatest season in school history.

This year as Head Coach, Jonathan Smith will lead the Beavers to their greatest season in school history.


The 10-0 Start:

@San Jose State Spartans (12:30PM Sunday Sept 3): CBS.

Spartans QB Chevan Cordeiro, has NFL aspirations as a dual-threat QB... Beavers DBs will be tested right out the gate, against their future Conference foe.... they will have already played @USC (Caleb Williams)

Makr: Is the remade secondary ready for real competition?..

Makr: Running game is going to be legit as always, but when you add DJ Uiagalelei to the picture... where is the defense game1?

Makr: Second game of a Sunday CBS doubleheader...

[Beavers 45-24]


UC Davis Aggies (6PM Saturday Sept 9): Pac12 Network

Home Opener. First Game in the renovated stadium.

Evening game: crowd going to be rambunctious.

Makr: All three RBs eat... but could this be a monster Deshaun Fenwick game?>

[Beavers 49-13]

So, the dream is Utah beats both Florida and @Baylor by this point...


San Diego St Aztecs (12:30PM Saturday Sept 16, 2023): FS1.

The second of the Beavs new Conference foes...

Makr: Beavs win their 4th straight against the Aztecs...

Makr: Fox Sports1 has Beavers for 2 games already... FS1 knows what' up.

Makr: Just noting that DJ Uiagalelei would need just 420 yards to get into the top 10 single game in Beavs history...

[Beavers 42-24]


@Washington St Cougars (Saturday Sept 23, 2023):

Cougars have won the last 4 vs the Beavers in Pullman.
Cameron Ward is the real deal...

Makr: This is the Game. The Road Game...

Makr: Win this, and it's just winning a Reser' and easier road games to 10-0...

[Beavers 35-31]


Utah Utes (6PM Friday Sept 29, 2023): FS1.

This is the Pac12 Game of the Year.

Friday Night Game. Crowd going to be mental.

Makr: Utes and Beavs, both undefeated. Friday Night. FS1.

"It was rocking in there with only half a stadium," wide receiver Anthony Gould said. "It’s going to be fun when that new stadium is opened up."

Makr: It really is these first 2 Pac12 games that are the key....

Makr: Pullman and 6 days later... their first ranked win of the season.

Makr: A win here to make the Beavs 5-0, and it's on for real... 10-0

[Beavers 28-27]


@Cal Bears (Saturday Oct 7, 2023)

Bears were 2-7 in the Pac12 last year.

Makr: Age quod agis.

[Beavers 31-17]


UCLA Grizzlies (Saturday Oct 14, 2023)

Home game, with Chip Kelly coming to town.

Makr: Suspect UCLA offensive line leads to defensive production... pressures, sacks, turnovers...

[Beavers 35-27]


@Arizona (Saturday Oct 28, 2023)

Extra week off for the Beavers.
Wildcats have some hopes/talents this year, and with the game on the road, should be another "fun" game...

Makr: Road games are never easy... do your job...

[Beavers 42-24]


@Colorado (Saturday Nov 4, 2023)

Deion Sanders. Halloween Weekend.
Could Folsom Field be covered in snow?

Makr: Last 2 games in Boulder have gone to overtime... not today.

[Beavers 35-21]


Stanford (Saturday Nov 11, 2023)

The first season for new Stanford head coach Troy Taylor.

Makr: Everyone truly believes. This is the story of the year.

[Beavers 28-10]


Top 6 in the polls... 10-0.

The story will be irresistible; everyone will be on the bandwagon...


All that remains will be the Conference Killers; those that sacrificed the Beavers in exchange for their Golden Cow....


The Two Assassins:

Nov 18, 2023: Washington

Nov 24, 2023: @Oregon


The Ducks embraced their inner-Brutus: the most famous of back-stabbers... replacing OSU for OSU.

Will College Gameday come to Eugene, the day after Thanksgiving, to showcase the final Civil War?

Ducks haven't lost to the Beavers in Autzen since 2007. Seven trips.

Could the Beavers be 12-0 and get to play Caleb Williams in the Conference Championship game Dec. 1st?


The capitalistic machine leaves many behind, asks others to betray friends, and takes advantage of all...

This offseason it killed a Conference.


But... before the death of the Pac12 as we know it...

before the Ducks leave, to play their conference foes Rutgers and Maryland....

This season exists before us... and the schedule sets up perfectly.


If the Beavs can avoid an early stupid loss, and can then win in Pullman, and then on that Friday night against Utah on FS1...

Game on... 10-0.

One last power5 punch against the capitalistic machine.

A parting final shot to those that abandoned and discarded the Beavers...

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