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Ralphie Out: Colorado Leaving Pac-12 For Big 12?

It’s not a good sign for the Pac-12.

Oregon State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

A member of the Big 12 (and it’s predecessor conferences) up until 2011, Colorado may be ditching the Pac-12 in search of a it’s old stomping grounds, as a bevy of media outlets have reported that the decision for the Buffaloes is all but set it stone for the school to rejoin the Big 12.

With hype at an all-time high on the gridiron, the move would coordinate with the well-marketed publicity regarding new head football coach Deion Sanders’ arrival in Boulder and the lack of optimism from the Pac-12 regarding new revenue streams, including the often discussed TV and media deals that don’t look promising for the “Conference of Champions”.

Surrounding Colorado, the rumors swirling around Arizona, UCLA and USC making potential moves away from the league as well, means that if the Pac-12 is to go on after Colorado’s expected 2024 exit date, they’ll not only be on the lookout for potential new members, but hope that the conference has push forth a new TV and media deal that can compete with other power-five conferences.

As this story becomes official, we’ll have more on what the next steps for both Colorado, other schools and the league as a whole will be.