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Oregon Ducks vs Stanford Cardinal

Typically, the Oregon Ducks are an underdog to the Stanford Cardinal in the Pac-12. In their last three meetings, however, the Ducks have outscored the Cardinal by a combined score of 79-59. This is the longest active streak for Oregon at home, and it's still in effect.

During the last five weeks, Oregon has won three straight games. The Ducks are trying to bounce back from a loss at Georgia, and they are looking to take revenge on Stanford in the Pac-12 After Dark matchup on Saturday.

While the Ducks were unable to upset Georgia in the opener, they have shown some solid offensive performance in their last three games. The Ducks outscored BYU 155-74, and they are now 13th among the nation's top 25 teams.

Oregon will have its hands full against a Cardinal defense that has struggled in both of their Pac-12 outings. They've allowed 164 yards on the ground and 400.3 yards through the air. Their defense has turned the ball over four times.

Florida-Georgia contest gets prime afternoon time slot on college football schedule

Traditionally, the SEC has a leg up in the race to land the best game of the week. The conference has released its television selections for four home games.

As a matter of fact, the SEC actually releases six game times for the 2022 season. In addition to the game at home, the league is releasing two road games at the Georgia Dome and one at Utah's Bill Snyder Family Stadium. This is a big deal for the conference as it could represent the first time two powerhouses from opposite sides of the conference have played each other.

The SEC is one of the more competitive leagues in the country. As such, it's no surprise that the league's best games usually take place in the afternoon. Among the league's best players are Florida and Georgia, who have a combined record of 76-1. A primetime game for the Bulldogs and the Gators could be a matchup to remember.

The SEC has done a good job of releasing the most popular games. The conference is also known for its high-powered conference television contracts. Among other things, the league's most prominent conference has given Fox Sports an additional Big Ten game for the 2014 season.

Picks Wise Nation has a loaded Monday slate

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving there is an enormous amount of sports action. In fact, there are three games involving the NFL on the day itself. In addition, there are a number of games in the NCAAF.

The biggest question is who wins the big one? There is a lot to be said for the matchup between Ohio State and Michigan. However, the winner is not decided until Saturday afternoon. The game will likely feature one of the most interesting matchups in recent memory.

The NFL has a lot to offer fans, but the college football scene is still very much alive. Four games are scheduled on Friday, and there is still plenty of action on the Saturday night slate. There are a few major conferences, including the Big Ten, to consider.

The NHL also has its share of games, including a couple of intriguing matchups. During this time of year, the New Jersey Devils have a nine game road winning streak.

Heisman race

Throughout college football history, the Heisman Trophy has been awarded to the most valuable player east of the Mississippi River. The award is named after the late athletic director John Heisman, who was active in college athletics as both a player and a coach.

In the past, the Heisman has typically been awarded to a quarterback, but now the award is being given to players from all over the country. This year's race is tight, but there are four candidates that have a legitimate chance of winning the award.

Heisman voters will look at a number of factors in determining who wins the award. Players usually get the most votes for their performance on the field, but statistics are only one part of the equation. A typical Heisman winner represents a top-level team that will likely make it to the national championship game. The winner of the award typically has an outstanding team with a dominant quarterback.

Alabama's Bryce Young is a top candidate for the award. He has completed a career-high 21 passes in three games, and has thrown for more than 249 yards in each game. He also has rushed for 154 yards and two touchdowns in his last two games against Arkansas and Mississippi State. He's been a reliable playmaker for the Crimson Tide, but has less of a supporting cast than Stroud.

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