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Oregon State Football: 4 Potential Breakout Players

It’s about that time again, FOOTBALL TIME!

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Over the the last few years Beaver fans have seen: Jermar Jefferson, Avery Roberts, Omar Speights and many others have breakout seasons. This season we know who is going to be a stud on defense (Roberts, Speights & Jaydon Grant). On offense we have a good idea that Tristian Gebbia or Sam Noyer will earn the starting quarterback job and they will pass it a lot to Zeriah Beason and Trevon Bradford. The offensive line should have a really strong year led by center Nathan Eldridge. But somebody or multiple somebodies is going to pop and surprise Beaver Nation. Who could it be in 2021? Here’s my picks:

Deshaun Fenwick — Running Back

Deshaun Fenwick (South Carolina transfer) is going to be outstanding for Oregon State this fall. If he stays healthy it’s hard for me see a scenario where he doesn’t carry the ball 200+ times for over 1000 yards. Jermar Jefferson is difficult to replace, but the Beavers have a great offensive line and they are going to lean on Fenwick and the run game.

Keonte Schad — Defensive Tackle

Keonte Schad (Minnesota transfer) is going to be asked to do a lot for Oregon State this season; especially with the news of Isaac Hodgins being out for 8 weeks. Schad spent two seasons playing for the Gophers, but never really got a chance to spread his wings and reach his full potential. With the Beavers struggles on the defensive line Schad could become one of the most important defensive players this year.

Luke Musgrave — Tight End

If you ask the coaches or those that have been watching practice, Luke Musgrave is ready to have a huge season. The talented in-state pass catcher, was highly regarded coming out of high school and appears to have taken the next step forward in his progression this offseason. Look for Musgrave to become one of the quarterbacks favorite targets this fall. He’s such a fluid route-runner and has a big catch radius.

Ryan Franke — Linebacker

Franke is a bit of a wildcard here only because linebacker is Oregon State’s deepest position group. But he’s been singled out multiple times by coaches as a guy who has improved the most. Franke won’t be a starter against Purdue, but look for him to start making an impact. Especially as the season rolls on and depth becomes crucial.

Others to Watch — Tre’Shaun Harrison (WR), Riley Sharp (LB), Jake Levengood (OG), Alton Julian (DB), Rezjohn Wright (CB), Elijah Jones (CB)