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NFL Draft: Nahshon Wright drafted by Dallas Cowboys in 3rd Round

Oregon State’s lockdown corner is off to the NFL

Oregon v Oregon State Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Oregon State has its first player drafted in 2021! Nahshon Wright has been drafted in the 3rd round (pick #99) to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys defense was horrendous in 2020 and they are obviously focused on improving that side of the ball. So far the Cowboys have drafted 5 players in the 2021 draft and ALL OF THEM have been defensive standouts.

ESPN had this to say about Nahshon Wright:

A year ago it would have been hard to believe that Nahshon Wright would be the first Beaver selected in the 2021 draft with Hamilcar Rashed and Jermar Jefferson still awaiting a call; but Wright was fantastic this past season on defense. His length and athleticism gave the Beavers a legitimate shut-down corner freeing up the rest of the secondary to make plays and help stop the run game. Awesome news for Nahshon Wright and best of luck with the Dallas Cowboys moving forward!