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BTD Mailbag: Answers

You brought the questions. We brought the answers.

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Question: What is the status for fans attending Spring Sports? I’ve heard about the “15%” but how does that work? Also any words about the Beavers Spring football game/scrimmage? Thanks for providing a great site and stories. (Thembeavers!)

The_Coach: First of all “Thembeavers!”...thank you for stopping by and always supporting the site. It’s awesome folks like you that keep this whole site going and makes it the amazing place that it is!

The whole status of fans at spring sports is really subject more to what the state and country allows so following along with releases from the school, like this one about basketball tickets, is useful.

No word yet about the spring football game in terms of a specific date, but the Beavers are in camp right now and will culminate their spring camp on May 8th. So, some math majors can do their figuring and guess around when it may be.

Marcus: I could see Oregon State letting a limited number of fans to the Spring Football game. We’ll see how the spring goes, but I don’t expect widespread fans to be in attendance for any sporting events until the Fall.

Question: How good is the beavers recruiting class and returning squad looking for the upcoming football season? Is getting to a bowl game within reach or is it a pipe dream? (RedVoyager)

The_Coach: Ah, RedVoyager. 247 Sports has Oregon State’s 2021 recruiting haul ranked as the worst in the Pac-12 and positioned directly behind the likes of Louisiana-Monroe, Charlotte and Troy. From the outside looking in, that’s not great. However, there are some really likable pieces in the group of new players, but they may take some time to add their impact. Running back Damir Collins is definitely a name to remember as a guy who could be great. And like John notes next, pay attention to those transfers. They’re definitely going to help.

I’m an endless pessimist. I say that no bowl game will be coming. I just don’t know what to think about this Purdue game really. I’m terrified of the team walking on the field without any previous playing experience and getting that win. I also think Hawaii will be way tougher than advertised. I’ll bet against a bowl game, as sad as it is to say.

John: Recruiting has trailed behind the rest of the conference, at least according to the prognosticators, but the transfer portal has been fairly good to the Beavers under Smith’s tenure, so I’d expect to see some names coming in before fall. The defense has to get better if a bowl game is in the cards, and I think with Hamilcar Rashed leaving for the pros its a tall order next season.

Marcus: Oregon State was wildly competitive in their Pac-12 only odd covid shortened season. Ultimately they’ll have to improve (2-5 isn’t a good record by any stretch), but they return a lot of talent. I think a bowl game is within reach; but this team will need to have a very good offense. Can Gebbia or Nolan take the reins at QB and lead an elite offense?

The_Coach: I think every program will take their shot in the transfer portal this off-season and with the Beavers getting some more national exposure, maybe they can contend with some of the other Pac-12 schools for a transfer or two of a higher-caliber. Oregon State already does have Fairleigh Dickinson guard Xzavier Malone-Key incoming, who averaged 12.3 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.0 assists per game for the Knights, so availability of spots on the roster will really be key. However, I definitely believe Oregon State jumped back into the national picture with their Elite Eight run and you have to imagine the staff will be much more seriously considered out on the recruiting trail, after sitting as one of the last eight teams playing in the country. With Julien Franklin and Tariq Silver out of the mix and Chol Marial now entering it, I’d already say the Beavers are doing a solid job.

John: The transfer portal looks to be extremely busy this off season, and I would be shocked if Wayne Tinkle wasn’t working every phone he can right now. I have to imagine if you’re a recruit in the portal looking to pick a new school with a program on the rise, Oregon State has jumped up a few spots on your list. We’ll see if that translates into actual recruiting success, but I’m optimistic.

Marcus: The transfer portal has been very friendly to the Oregon State Beavers. While they have lost some very good players; I think the players they’ve gained have made huge impacts. I think Jonathan Smith and company will reach even harder into the transfer portal with the new rule of being eligible immediately.

Question: Why does it seem like OSU has ignored the “Angry Beaver” logo of late? They brought back “Benny the Beaver” to go with the Nike Nutria, though. Has the University forgotten that some of the best football teams we ever had (Erickson/Riley) were under the Angry Beaver? I, for one, have resolved to NEVER buy any OSU gear with the Nutria on it. My wardrobe is getting thin. (Jack B.)

The_Coach: First of all Jack, if you check my profile picture, you’ll see that I love retro logos. I don’t know why they ever change. You should also never have to even pay for OSU gear. Go bug the school for some free crap! But besides that, I’d say the old four letter word (NIKE) is at the root of it all.

John: A lot of comes down to nostalgia. In addition to the classic “Benny” being around for almost a decade longer than the “Angry Beaver,” Benny just strikes a classic college football tone. That goofy cartoony aesthetic, that you can also see in the Kansas Jayhawk or the Minnesota Golden Gopher, is just vintage college football. The Angry Beaver, while I do like it (it was the logo when I first became a Beaver fan), feels very pegged to its time. It comes from that mid to late 90s logo era that also produced things like the Jacksonville Jaguars and Orlando Magic logo, and it looks of a kind with those. Bold lines, swooshy silhouette, lots of spiky bits. I’m sure we’ll see the Angry Beaver again for throwbacks occasionally, but that log is dated; Benny is timeless.

Marcus: I think the “Nike Nutria” is here to stay. Maybe Jonathan Smith and company will bring Oregon State back to national relevance and the new logo will become a fan favorite that they decided to change in a couple of decades.