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Top Twenty for 2020 - #12 Omar Speights

The young Beaver linebacker is a future star.

Oregon State v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The clock is ticking for college football. We hear news everyday; UConn and DIII cancelled football for 2020. Other conferences (Big Ten, MWC) are following the led of the Pac-12 players and issuing their own requests/demands. Despite the uncertainty we press on with the top-20 list for the 2020 season.

#12 Omar Speights - Linebacker

Last year BTD had Omar Speights at #43 on their countdown list and it was not nearly high enough. Speights was everywhere as a true freshman racking up 73 tackles, 3.5 sacks and an interception. Injuries to the linebacking core thrust him into a bigger role and he thrived with the extra playing time. The linebacking position group is once again deep and talented by Speights should be in position for a starting job.

The former 4-star recruit and Philadelphia native garnered a lot of interest from power 5 programs across the nation. But the Beavers are glad Speights decided to join his brother (Jeromy Reichner) in Corvallis. The 6’1” 230 pound athlete should be even more crucial to the defense, but it might be tough to record even more tackles in a shortened 2020 season.

Projected Stats:

70 tackles... 2 INTs... 5 sacks

The Full List:

12. Omar Speights - LB

13. Teagan Quitoriano - TE

14. Isaiah Dunn - CB

15. Champ Flemings - WR

16. Jaydon Grant - DB

17. Nahshon Wright - CB

18. Andrzej Hughes-Murray - LB

19. Rejzohn Wright - CB

20. Chance Nolan - QB