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Why Oregon State’s New Uniforms Are Great!


NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-VCU vs Oregon State
Benny is stoked for the new threads and you should be too. Unless you’re Marcus.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Beaver nation was abuzz last week in anticipation of Saturday’s new uniform reveal during the very very important program changing spring game!!

Would the jerseys be great?

Would they suck?

Would we beg for Under Armour to come save us from the tyranny of Phil Knight and the swoosh overlords?

Turns out, the jerseys are pretty great, they do not suck and we can continue our relationship with the swoosh gods.

I will admit when they first came out, my initial reaction to the shoulder stripes was less than enthusiastic. It seemed a little out of place, but they have grown on me quite a bit in the past few days. Also as a woodworker I really like the subtle addition of the wood grain in the the jersey numbers. Overall, I think the jerseys do a pretty good job of having a modern look with a retro feel. The only thing I would like to see is the extinction of the current logo and the return of retro Benny.

Travis’ very important and official rankings of the new jerseys

#1 White

I think my favorite part of the white jerseys is the fact that they aren’t really white. At least in the pictures the look to be more of a cream look. The black and orange really seem to pop off of these threads. I may have to go to an away game just to see these beauts in person.

#2 Orange

I may be in the minority here, but I think Oregon State has criminally underused it’s orange jerseys of the past. I hope that isn’t the case with these.

#3 Black

I like them, but these are the ones where the strip still doesn’t sit that well with me. I would like to see a version of these where the number color and the primary stripe colors match. Beyond that I don’t really have complaints.

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