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Best of Pac-12 Media Day

Oregon State sent Blake Brandel & Kee Whetzel to represent the Beavs

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Media Day Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Pac-12 Media Day has come to a close. The annual event is a great time to take stock of the conference, hear some interesting quotes and get your fair share of offseason laughs in. It was also nice to get a look at some of the new or returning coaches in the conference like: Kevin Sumlin (AZ), Chip Kelly (UCLA), Herm Edwards (ASU) etc. It certainly looks like Kee Whetzel and Blake Brandel had some fun.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott got the fireworks started early referencing the conferences poor performance in last season’s bowl games. Where the conference went 1-8 in the postseason saying “A handful of season-ending games are not an indicator of a conference’s overall strength”.

Larry Scott is probably correct in his assessment that bowl games aren’t the best indicator of conference strength, but a lot of fans are unhappy with the conference and specifically unhappy with the commissioner. The Pac-12 Network has been much-maligned and it’s availability will not get any better in the near future. Scott said that he doesn’t expect the DirecTV mess to be settled anytime soon and 2024 could be the next time that the Pac-12 can seek new opportunities.

Additionally when asked about the revenue discrepancies between the Pac-12 and other major conferences Larry Scott went on to say that there needs to be more context when comparing conferences saying “Money is important and we stay laser-focused on it, but it’s certainly not the only measure of success.” Needless to say that isn’t the answer most Pac-12 fans are looking for.

On a brighter note, Pac-12 Media Days had an ice cream float station competition.

I want to get myself one of those “Benny’s Blend”.

Jonathan Smith got his feet wet as a head coach interviewing in front of the media. I don’t know how the next few years will go for the Beavers, but no matter what happens I will still be a Jonathan Smith fan.

Also, Kee Whetzel’s old nickname was Optimus Prime. Optimus Freaking Prime!

Lastly it wouldn’t be a Pac-12 Media day if Coach Leach didn’t do something entertaining.