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Oregon State Basketball: Introducing BTD’s Best All-Time Player Bracket

These guys will likely be involved in the conversation.

Colorado v Oregon State Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Starting on Monday (July 16th), something we’ve had in the works here at Building The Dam for a while will finally hit the front-page. The official BTD Best Basketball Player of All-Time Bracket will be released (one match-up at a time throughout the week) until both sides of the “Orange” and “Black”, sixteen-player brackets are fully released. As hinted in the main image above, we’ll give you an early idea that Gary Payton and A.C. Green will both be somewhere in the mix.

What we ask from you out there in Beaver Nation in this process is mostly simple.

We’ll have two day polls for each match-up, beginning on Monday, and the winner will be decided only by your votes and your votes alone. No special committee overruling decisions. No awful NCAA decision makers. None of that stuff. We want you to decide our winner. Who do you feel is truly the best hardwood star in Oregon State history?

In simple, it means make sure you stop by Building The Dam early and often this week, especially as we also may be rolling out some new football preview content, as the season bears ever closer. We’re all back from our summer vacations (or are we?) and we hope that you are too, ready to catch-up on anything and everything going down in Beaver Nation.

So remember. Come to BTD. Vote, vote vote. And see who advances in our BTD’s Best All-Time Basketball Player Bracket.