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The Top 5 Stuffed Animals You Should Throw On the Court At This Saturday’s Basketball Game

This is the most important decision you’ll make this year.

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NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

During halftime off this Saturday’s game against Missouri State the Beavers will be holding their fifth annual Teddy Bear Toss. If you have a new or lightly used stuffed animal you’re willing to part with, bring it down to Gill Coliseum and fling it onto the court during the break.

If you don’t have a stuffed animal, we here at Building the Dam are here to provide you with suggestions. This is a very crucial decision on your part. You may think, “I will just get a teddy bear for the kids,” but a bear may lead an impressionable child down the road to Cal fandom. Or worse, UCLA. Here are some acceptable alternatives.

#5 - This Platypus

You may have someone in your life who wants you to throw a Duck onto the court. That would be a mistake, as you never want to risk creating any young Oregon fans. If they prove obstinate about duck tossing, a stuffed platypus would be a good compromise. It may seem to be a clean 50/50 Beaver-Duck split, but after further analysis, you will come to realize that all that is ridiculous and absurd about the Platypus are the duck parts, while all that is noble and industrious are the Beaver parts.

Indeed, it would be accurate to say that a Platypus is a duck that aspires to be a Beaver, and through sheer grit and hustle is just about there. That’s an excellent moral for kids to learn. As you fling your platypus, be sure to shout about the fact that it’s the only egg-laying mammal, or about it’s venomous hind legs, to make the whole thing educational.

#4 - Just About Any Tiger

It’s been hard for the Beavers to beat the Ducks in most sports lately, but luckily, other teams have stepped in to take down Oregon. Our friends at Texas Southern just beat Oregon in basketball, so why not toss a tiger to celebrate.

The Tiger doesn’t just honor Texas Southern of course. Other notable Tiger teams are also almost good enough to beat Texas A&M after 7 overtimes, or to finish third in the AL Central. Just be sure you’re grabbing something with stripes, you don’t want to accidentally grab a Cougar or Wildcat.

#3 - How About a Dinosaur?

Dinosaurs are cool. Any kid would want one. I recommend a Triceratops, but all Dinosaurs will work.

#2 - The Golden Lion Tamarin

Building the Dam’s primary purpose is to report on Oregon State Athletic News, our secondary purpose is to save the endangered Golden Lion Tamarin. The best way to do that is to spread love for the Golden Lion Tamarin among today’s youth. So please, if you have a heart, buy a stuffed Golden Lion Tamarin and throw that monkey onto the court.

#1 - A Beaver

Ignore everything I’ve written so far in this story. All those other animals are wet hot garbage. The Beaver is both adorable, and the animal kingdom’s preeminent architect. Perhaps the Golden Lion Tamarin wouldn’t be so endangered if it could build a single dam.

I expect to see a lot of stuffed Beavers on the floor of Gill Coliseum, but it never hurts to do your part, so be sure grab one before you make your way down to the game. Tip off is at 4 PM.