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Quick Links: The New Retro Benny Uniforms Are Awesome

Looking back while looking least OSU’s defense is better that UConn’s...the future is bright (hopefully).

Oregon State Athletics
  • The Oregon State Beavers may be on a bye this week, but they will have a look decades in the making for homecoming on October 20th. We saw that that the retro benny would make a return earlier this summer, but we just saw the helmet. Early Monday, we saw the reveal of the full throwback uniform.

Our thoughts are as follows:

NCAA Football: Washington State at Oregon State
Tackle gone wrong or terrible boxing match?
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

  • Sure, football’s defense is really bad right now. But let’s look on the bright side: OSU is not Connecticut. Seriously, UConn may have one of the worst defenses in college football in a century. SBN’s Alex Kirshner did a deep dive on the subject that will make you feel a little better about how things are going out here in Corvallis.

  • The Oregonian pushed out three different pieces of Beavs content on Monday that are interesting for different reasons. We recommend that you read all of them.
  1. Mike Leach thinks that OSU could be “scary” in the next couple of years
  2. Midseason report card
  3. Conor Blount has a shoulder injury, but it’s not that serious

  • This is old news by now, but we’re still excited about it...ex-Nebraska wide receiver and four-star recruit Tyjon Lindsey has become the latest former Husker to transfer to Oregon State. This could give the Beavs’ passing game a nice little boost next season.