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Beavers upset bid falls short

Washington State tops Oregon State, 56-37

NCAA Football: Washington State at Oregon State Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Well that was surprisingly exciting! Despite a disastrous start that saw the Beavers go down 14-0 after each team had just one possession, Oregon State fought back and twice took the lead! This might shock you, but prior to this game the Beavers had not held the lead against an FBS opponent this season. Jermar Jefferson had another fantastic performance (139 yards, 4 TDs). He’s going to beat himself up for that fumble, but he is an amazing running back. Also, it was great to have Artavis Pierce back in action.

The defense did some nice things and forced a few punts throughout the game, but overall they were a disappointment. They gave up over 500 yards and did not force a turnover (unless you count that WSU muffed punt). Washington State’s refusal to run the ball will help their rushing defense averages look not quite as bad.

On a serious note, Conor Blount went down in the 4th quarter and he looked like he was in a lot of pain. His injury could be serious and the Beavers desperately need healthy quarterbacks. Kase Rogers also went down late in the game, hopefully he’s okay (he might need to play quarterback after that impressive throw he had on special teams).

Overall I expected the Beavers to get destroyed against a very good Washington State team; but they played really well for most of the game and the final score looks worse than the how competitive the game was. The Beavers will look to get healthy as they get a much needed week off. They’ll play Cal next on October 20th and it should be another good one.