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Beavers in the NFL: Week 7

Some Beaver Quarterbacks played football, technically.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports
  • Derek Anderson: Buffalo Bills - Quarterback

After signing with the Bills just a couple weeks ago to help tutor Josh Allen, Anderson was pressed into service as the Bills starting quarterback against Indianapolis, while Allen was injured and Nathan Peterman was still Nathan Peterman. So, how did he do?

The good news first. He completed 20 out of 31 passes, for 175 yards. You might say “that doesn’t seem very good.” I say that’s still the good news. Anderson also threw 3 interceptions, and lost a fumble. His QBR for the day was 29.0. The Bills lost to the Colts 37-5.

While Bills fans may have been hoping for a Derek Anderson renaissance, this is about all you can expect from a dude in his thirties who hasn’t played in two years and got signed a week and a half ago. Anderson will have another week to learn the Bills system, and it looks like he’ll be getting the start in Buffalo’s next game against New England. Because again, the alternative is Nathan Peterman.

  • Jordan Poyer: Buffalo Bills - Safety

Poyer had an alright game, with 5 total tackles, which is an achievement considering the Bills offense put the defense in terrible positions throughout the day.

  • Sean Mannion: Los Angeles Rams - Quarterback

Mannion saw some game time for the first time this season. Unfortunately, the Rams just needed to burn clock. He only handed the ball on his first drive, and then as the game wound down, rushed once for three yards, then knelt down twice. But hey, he didn’t screw up!

  • Brandin Cooks: Los Angeles Rams - Wide Receiver

Cooks had a great game. He grabbed his second touchdown of the season, a 19 yard grab from Jared Goff right at the goal line. His total for the day was 4 receptions for 64 yards. He also had a 7 yard rush.

That’s all for this week. Check back next week to see how all our former Beavers are doing.