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A Note About The Nebraska SB Nation Site, Corn Nation

Our colleagues over at the Nebraska SB Nation site have suffered a terrible loss.

As mentioned in the title of this piece, our colleagues over at the Nebraska SB Nation site, Corn Nation, recently suffered a terrible loss when one of their staff members, Brian Towle, unexpectedly passed away. Brian, who has contributed to their site for many years now and was a fixture in the SB Nation community, left behind a wife and two young children. The news of his passing is absolutely heartbreaking.

For more information about Brian, you can read Corn Nation’s ode to their beloved writer.

While we know that not everyone is able to contribute financially at times like these, anybody who feels inspired to can do so via a GoFundMe page, that was set up to help his family with Brian’s funeral costs.

One of the main reasons that we bring this to your attention is because like all of us, more than anything, Brian was a passionate fan of his team who simply loved talking, writing and discussing sports here on SB Nation. While the news of his passing is tough to swallow, the outpouring of support from the SB Nation community already has been overwhelming and shows just how beloved he truly was by so many people.

You will be missed, Brian.

Rest in peace.