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Bye Week Mailbag: Our Dam Answers

Y’all had a lot of questions.

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Michigan State vs Alabama
Where Is Craig Evans?
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do you believe we will ever see the day when ecampus students can get student section tickets (especially for football) if we are going to be in Corvallis on a game day? (Note: some ecampus students are not in the typical college age range but in their 30’s-60’s, and have families. I’m 58 and live in Seattle. be nice to sit/ stand with fellow students)


JL: I’m not super familiar with OSU’s student ticket policies since I didn’t go there. But it depends on what the demand is for those student tickets in the future. If the demand gets low enough from the students on campus, then sure I can see them trying it. They need warm bodies in the seats. I’m assuming it would have to be for students taking a full time load though. When I was in undergrad, I didn’t study full time for a semester and I wasn’t able to use my student tickets. But again, I went to a different school.

TJ: I don’t know much about any of that, but if you wanna stand you can come hang out with Leo and I in section 10!

Why have the Beavers regressed so much this season? I’d like to get BTD’s take.

I for one, still believe in GA, but I think losing Sitake really hurt, and Clune is not getting the job done….McGiven, meh….play calling hasn’t been great….too much chuckin it around instead of using the run to open up the pass…..lastly, I think GA has failed at developing the QB position.

All this said, the Beavs still have more talent than is showing on the field….

Followup question…

Will GA lose the team and/or will higher rated recruiting targets still come, buying into the rebuild, or run the other direction?


Posted by MB3


JL: I’m sure overconfidence played some small part in it. There’s also the matter of the offensive line that’s just A.) inexperienced and B.) just flat out not as good without the guys that went pro this past draft. I think that’s part of why you’re not seeing the explosiveness you saw from the offense towards the end of last season. Combine that with a couple bad throws here and and a fumble there and bad things are bound to happen. On the defensive side of the ball, that’s where I’m really surprised there’s been so many issues. The experience is there, especially in the secondary, but you can’t make all the mistakes they’ve made this year with some of the pass happy teams in the PAC-12 and still expect to be winning games.

On that recruiting question, it’s just hard to recruit high rated kids if you aren’t winning or giving them something that they can’t get at another school. GA’s done some great stuff in building the academic culture of the program and the players seem to like him, so I think that’s a big part of what’s buying him time to put the results together on the field right now.

P.S. Marvin, you’re the man.

At what point

Does the seat acutually get hot for GA and staff. I think if nothing happens during this buy week; everyone is probably safe for the season. But let’s say we go 2-10 this year. Is there a major overhaul? or are we going to be told to trust the process for another year?

Posted by 07Beaver

LC: I would assume that Coach Andersen is safe at the end of the year, even if we did finish 2-10. There are head coaches who have rewarded fan bases with a big turn around in year four, like Mike McIntyre and Colorado. However, if that is the case, then I think we would see some changes made to the staff. I’d like to see if he can make those hard decisions unlike his predecessor.

TJ: The seat is at the very least warm... I don’t forsee him losing his job this year, but things are not great right now. I think there will be changes on the staff for sure. What worries me most right now is there is the absolute lack of success in recruiting so far this year... and it likely wont get better unless things turn around on the field

Where are Cotton, Montibon, Sattelmaier?? Really expected those guys to hit the field and make an impact.

Posted by W2BeaverFan

TJ: For Cotton I think he was more or less expected to redshirt this season so that’s not a terrible surprise. I am disappointed we havent seen Montibon or Sattelmaier, but the jump from JUCO can be tough and may take a year.

TJ: Wait you still have emotions at this point? Ive pretty much gone numb

LC: When it comes to football, any emotion is understandable, so yes, it’s okay. I did both on the same play during the Wazzu game last week.


JL: Toss up. I love Sara Underwood’s work helping make Rails and other web application tools more accessible for those trying to get into the tech world. Patterson’s a great example of how immigrants can thrive in America, which is awesome. And at least Kendra Sunderland got people to go to the library again. God knows we need to read more books in this country.


JL: I think this team can finish 3-9. I honestly expect OSU to beat both Arizona and Arizona State. Arizona State can be pretty tough (they did beat Oregon this weekend) but they don’t typically play well on the road. Arizona’s only wins this year where against an FCS team and UTEP, who might as well be an FCS team this year. The rest of this schedule though...

TJ: Well the Pac12 is pretty bad so far this year, but it may be hard for the Beavs to rack up a whole lot of wins. I think both Arizona games are winnable, and while the ducks have looked better than I expected I could still see the Beavs having a shot.

JL: The official diagnosis on Luton was a thoracic spine fracture. He’s out of the hospital and back in Corvallis with the team, which is great. His injury status is officially “week to week”. Granted I’m not a doctor (I just dressed up as House for Halloween one time) but these things take months to fully heal. That being said, the pain supposedly becomes manageable after a couple of weeks so I can him trying to get back before the end of the year. For Luton’s sake though, I really hope they don’t rush him back. Spine injuries are no joke.

TJ: I would assume the offense looks a little more like last year, featuring the read option along with Nall, Pierce, Johnson and a hopefully healthy Thomas Tyner. I also expect a better version of Garretson than we saw last year when he was battling injuries.

JL: You may remember that Evans would have to sit some time in order to get his academics up to speed and due to the way that OSU’s academic calendar is set up, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to do any work that would improve his academic standing until after the first two or three games. Now that that point has come and gone, GA is supposedly still being shy about the subject of Evans’ joining the team. While I don’t have first hand knowledge of the situation, the fact that GA is dodging the topic at this point in time tells me something that should have gotten done didn’t and he doesn’t want to embarrass the kid. What I’ve heard from some of the “insiders” is that it’d be surprising if Evans made it back before the end of the year, which is disappointing.

LC: Maybe it doesn’t fit anymore? Or maybe he lost it in the river doing a canoe expedition?

TJ: Well if he did lose it in the Tualatin river on his first anniversary he could always go on Amazon and buy another... at least thats what I have heard. From myself... I am the idiot who would lose his wedding ring on a canoe trip on his first anniversary

JL: As far as we know, Thompson and Luton haven’t communicated but some of the other Wazzu players have sent stuff to him.


LC: Yes, he can. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’s made multiple trips to Salt Lake City to see family during his tenure. (I really want to answer this one with another question, “can you go back under your bridge?”)

JL: Who says you can't go back, been all around the world and as a matter of fact. There's only one place left I want to go, who says you can't go home. It's alright, it's alright, it's alright, it's alright, its alright.