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Beavs get rolled by the Cougs 52-23

I hate you Luke Falk

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Washington State
James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

So the first 20 or so minutes of play were fun. We saw Oregon State stay within striking distance of the 21st ranked Cougs. They gave Nall the ball, and guess what... the offense picked up first downs. The special teams unit pinned Wazzu deep in their own zone twice. The defense got some penetration, including their first sack of the year, and picking up a safety when they read a screen pass and tackled the receiver in the end zone. Those were a fun 20 or so minutes of game play... and then the bad stuff happened. Drives stalled due to penalties, bad snaps and missed assignments. Porebski dropped a snap and wazzu recovered deep in Beaver territory. Luke Falk did what Luke Falk does against OSU, namely slicing up the D for 4 first half TDs. Falk would add two more in the second half.

All of a sudden a game that felt competitive was a 19 point Cougar lead at half.

The second half started with a lot more promise than any second half of the year so far. A long Washington State drive ended with a field goal attempt that was blocked by the Beavs. The ensuing drive saw Ryan Nall do some Ryan Nall stuff and break off a 45 yard TD run.

The next Cougar drive saw back to back sacks... yes the Beavs got two sacks in a row to force a 3rd and 22... But Luke Falk is a bully and went ahead and threw a 57 yard TD pass that put a dagger into the heart of Beaver Nation.

I’m gonna be honest, the fourth quarter was a bit of a blur cause I ordered pizza and spent more time focused on the delicious pizza than I did on this miserable turd of a game, but here is what I saw in between bites of my delicious pizza. A scary situation, where it appears Jake Luton may have been knocked unconscious, before eventually leaving the field via ambulance. Luton did give a thumbs up on the way out, easing some of Beaver Nation’s fears. A late report noted that Luton is able to move all his extremities which is very good news. We here at Building The Dam wish Luton all the best and a speedy recovery.

Darell Garretson took over for the injured Luton, and lead a TD drive that ended with a pass to Seth Collins who saw his first action since last season before his scary bout with meningitis. The game basically ended with a long drive from Wazzu and their backup QB, a drive that saw them go for it on 4th and 8 while up by 20+ points, which seems unnecessary, but whatever you do you Mike Leach.

All in all the game kinda sucked, but did feature some more positives than we have seen the past few weeks, namely an increased presence from Ryan Nall and some defensive penetration, but alas the Beavs are still 1-3 on the season. A bye week next weekend will give OSU time to get ready for the Washington Huskies.