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Oregon State Football: Most Valuable Player Countdown- #1 Ryan Nall

Well duh

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

The moment you have all been waiting for, the #1 player on our top 50 countdown...

You could say it’s the final countdown.

The One....

The Only...

Ryan Nall!!!

Okay so I doubt anyone anywhere is surprised by this, but I had to sell it a bit right? Seriously though, Ryan Nall is a really good football player and is poised to have an excellent season. The man who has been called a unicorn by his position coach can do a bit of everything. He has enough power to get through a defensive line, enough speed to get past a linebacking core and enough elusiveness to make a defensive coordinator rethink his life decisions.

Poor Brady Hoke.

The junior from Central Catholic was a bit of a mystery when he showed up on campus. The coaching staff wasn't really sure where he would play. Many thought he would be a tight end, an H-back or maybe a linebacker, but a standout performance in a losing effort against the Ducks in 2015 solidified Nall’s spot as the workhorse running back. 2017 saw Nall really put it all together, at least when he was healthy. Nall was vital in each OSU victory a season ago, as the passing game was nearly nonexistent, but injuries plagued his campaign and when he was out the offense struggled mightily. 2017 will hopefully see a much healthier Nall as he leads a very deep stable of running back who will see the ball more often than not with the Beavs looking to run about 60% of the time. OSU will look to have some more balance than last year with new QB Jake Luton and a handful of talented wide receivers, along with a much deeper running back core than previous years, but honestly, when you have Ryan Nall, you give him the ball, and I would expect the Beavs to do just that. A healthy season from Nall likely sees him eclipse the 1000 yard mark while he takes out any defender that dare step in his path of totality.

Yep, eclipse jokes... that’s the topical comedy you aren’t gonna get anywhere else.

Where was I? Oh yes, Ryan Nall. He is very very good and will likely continue to be even better and score touchdowns and make duck fans cry and really just bring the world together. Ryan Nall is the answer to all that ails us.

Are you sad? Watch Ryan Nall.

Mad? Ryan Nall.

You got a fever? Well the only prescription is more Ryan Nall... Take once weekly for at least 12 weeks starting tomorrow at 11:30 am.