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Staff Predictions: Record, MVP’s, Top Freshman and Surprise player of the year.

Take a look through our thoughts on the upcoming season and let us know what yours are.

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

We asked our staff for their picks on the Beavers final record as well as some of the team's top players.


Travis Johannes: 7-6. The Beavs are going bowling and tack on their 7th win of the season in late December

Brian Moore: 8-4, I think we will win the 3 non-conference games. Plus, Cal, Ariz, ASU, Oregon, and Colorado.

Marcus Russell: 5-7. Despite my modest prediction I still think the Beavers could go bowling with less than six wins. The last few years, teams with sub-.500 records have snuck into the postseason. The Beavers will be better, but the schedule is tough!

Leo Castaneda: 7-5. Beavs start the season 3-0 before hitting the gauntlet of @WSU, UW, @USC, making them 3-3 at the halfway point. The second half of the season really depends on how mentally and physically they stand after that dreaded stretch. But I think they pick up four wins in the last 6 games to reach a bowl game.

Offensive MVP:

TJ: Ryan Nall.... duh. Honestly, I wanted to go off the board and pick someone else, a good season from Luton or Villamin could challenge Nall, but as long as the unicorn running back stays healthy the offense runs through him.

BM: Ryan Nall- The best player on the team has the perfect combination of size and speed. Expect Nall to stay healthy and go over the 1000 yard mark.

MR: Jake Luton - Obviously Ryan Nall is the engine that will move the Oregon State offense, but with so many talented RB’s I think the coaching staff will spread the carries around to keep everyone fresh. Jake Luton on the other hand is the undisputed No. 1 quarterback and will have a bevy of playmakers to throw the ball to.

LC: Noah Togiai - If he stays healthy, I think we’ll see Togiai moving the chains quite a bit for the offense. He and Luton are already forming quite a connection, and with his size and athleticism, he will create a lot of mismatches. I would say he’s a dark horse to lead the team in receptions.

Defensive MVP:

TJ: Bright Ugwoegbu. Pass rush specialist who will be vital if the defense is to reach the coaching staffs goal of 30 sacks.

BM: Bright Ugwoegbu- Look for Bright to have an even better year than last year since the D will be better and he will be more comfortable in Kevin Clune’s system.

MR: Manase Hungalu - Closely followed by Xavier Crawford. If Hungalu stays healthy he should surpass 100 tackles on the season, but Crawford has a real chance to make a name for himself as the Beavers top cornerback.

LC: Manase Hungalu - This guy does it all. He can rack up tackles like he did against Utah (13) last year, and he’s shown that he’s got a nose for the football in the UCLA game where he snatched up two fumbles and an interception. Look forward to him having a monster year.

Freshman of the Year:

TJ: I am gonna go with David Morris. The Sherwood alum will have a chance to see the field early and make an impact in a defensive backfield filled with potential but also a handful of question marks.

BM: Isaiah Hodgins- Has the size and athletic ability to be dynamic right away.

MR: Isaiah Hodgins - He’s been with the team for awhile now which has been helping his development and he should have a very good freshman season. I also really like defensive back, Isaiah Dunn to impress as a freshman.

LC: Isaiah Hodgins - He’s already got one of the starting wide receiver positions locked up, and has shown incredible hands... or make that hand?

Surprise player of the year:

TJ: Trevon Bradford. I am really high on the youngster out of Oregon City. He showed flashes last season and should see his role greatly increased this year. Bradford could also make a lot of noise in the return game.

BM: Xavier Hawkins. Has the speed and quickness to be a playmaker. With his experience, look for Hawkins to do big things in his senior season

MR: Thomas Tyner - He’s been away from football for a couple years, but I think he comes back with a vengeance and really gives the Oregon State offense a nice boost.

LC: Calvin Tyler Jr. - Despite a very crowded backfield, Tyler will surprise people by getting time on special teams and the occasional appearance with the offense. Be prepared for some flashbacks to the Rodgers’ era.

You’ve seen our predictions, what are yours Beaver Nation?