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Spring Game Recap: 5 Quick Takeaways From Oregon State’s Initial Scrimmage

Let us know what you guys thought of the Oregon State Spring Game!

NCAA Football: Oregon at Oregon State Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

1. Things Are Looking Up For 2017

If nothing else can be taken from the Spring Game, it was obvious that across the board, the simple quality of play from Oregon State on both sides of the ball was looking much improved. There were fewer sloppy plays (poor ball control, missed blocks, dropped passes, arms tackles, etc.) and a whole lot more of solid execution going on.

2. Head Coach Gary Andersen Was The Right Choice

There was many points during last season’s 4-8 campaign when it was hard to see the mystique behind the career-long success of head coach Gary Andersen. After the strong off-season Oregon State had on the recruiting front and now the way this team to looks to have developed, it’s a safe bet to say that coach Andersen is the right man to bring this program back to a bowl game. We trust in you coach Andersen. Lead us to the promised land!

3. There Won’t Be A QB Named Anytime Soon

At one point, I’m fairly sure Benny the Beaver went in at quarterback, as just about the whole depth chart at the position got their chance at least once. However, it’s pretty obvious that the competition still remains mostly between Darell Garretson, Jake Luton and Marcus McMaryion. For what it’s worth, the swirling consensus is that Luton is a potential front-runner at the moment, but Garretson proved his worth on Saturday.

4. Ryan Nall Is Still Nothing Short Of Amazing

He didn’t need to be running over linebackers or speeding past defensive backs to prove that he’s still a huge piece of the Beavers offense. Take for instance the clip below, which on the first play of the game, Nall heaved a touchdown pass

5. Long Live The Helmets

I’m not sure that everyone fell in love with the “all-black, retro logo” mix on the helmets but I have to say personally, I was a huge fan. I wouldn’t mind seeing these lids in the regular rotation, especially maybe in a big game later this season.